Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reality bites...

It is Wednesday but feels like Monday to me. 

It's one of those weeks where as the mom I feel a bit overwhelmed. 

You know the feeling....I'm sure of it.  If you are a woman, a wife or a mom.  You know the feeling.

A little bit grumpy, a bit peeved at things people may do and probably not that much fun to be around. 

As a stay at home mom I sometimes get the feeling that others, including my husband, may think I have all the time in the world to do anything I need to. 

I don't. 

And sometimes, I just don't want to.

There, I just word vomited all over this page.

I will now complete my day by pretending I am lying on the beach or floating in the ocean.  Maybe, I'll go lay on my bed and close my eyes and turn my sound machine on the waves setting super loud.  Do you think everyone would get the picture?

Now, as I reread this and kind of want to punch myself in the throat because it's whiny.  And complaining. 

And last night, I attended a Hat and Scarf party for a friend of've heard of her...the infamous Mrs. Holly who is an amazing teacher.  She is going through chemo for breast cancer right now.  I am amazed with how strong she is and how she is handling it all and I have no doubt that she will kick cancer's boo-tay.  So, it puts things in perspective.  For sure.

I will post this picture of my kiddos being sweet with a gorgeous backdrop to lift my spirits.

Orange Beach :)
And I will list things to look forward to this week:

-seeing an old childhood friend while she's in town with her kiddos.
-youth group pool party tomorrow (say Wha??....but I'll be hanging with some pretty cool friends while the kids drown each other play in the pool. 
-I'm going to try to sneak in an alone visit to a sweet new baby this week. 
-I intend on using my vintage bowls even more this week. 
-R and I need to catch up on Project Runway because it came on while we were out of town
-G's Tae Kwon Do has an exhibition coming up and I can't wait.  These kids are cray amazing.

Ah, I feel better now.

Thanks, friends, for letting me vent.

Enjoy the rest of your week and your reality.....

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  1. I had a discouraging week, too, so I can relate. Sometimes I'm just tired of my own life! Being home full time can be stressful. Hope tomorrow is better!


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