Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Willa Skincare.....{Review} with input from the 10 year old beauty expert in the house

So, I saw the Willa skincare line mentioned in a magazine and noticed their target group was pre teen and teen girls.  Well, lucky for them...I have a pre teen girl.  And....she loves anything that may feel like a spa experience. 
Willa is an amazing line of skincare products that are wonderful for your skin.  None of the nasty chemicals that you usually find in skin care and especially not for this price. 
Willa products are
  • DEA free and pthalate free
  • Paraben free
  • Sulfate free
  • Proplyene glycol free
  • not tested on animals
  • and made in the USA

I love this about Willa but that's because I'm a mom and we tend to care about the things our kids slather their faces with.
When we received the Willa sample kit in the mail, R was stoked because it was just for her.  The boys could not rain on this parade of they tried.
Here's what we were lucky enough to try out:
1.Smile Shine 2. Smile Shimmer 3. Smile Butter 4. Clear Face Moisturizer 5. On the Go towelettes

She loves them all....can you tell?

The dog even liked it...

R has been wanting to use all of my "face stuff" for years and although I'll let her try some out now and then, it's just not made for her.  She needed a fresh, simple skin care line to depend on.  Willa is definitely it. 
I love that I can trust this line and that it doesn't include a bunch of junk  she doesn't need.  She loved the sparkle and the shine....and the smells.
These pictures will show you better than I can tell you....
(and yes, she has a curling iron burn on her forehead. she has been obsessed with learning how to flat iron and curl her hair and everyone else's too)

She's been using these products for a little while now and loves them...and found it super funny that I wanted to take pictures of her using it.  We even used her room as a "photo shoot location" because when I asked her to go into the bathroom for better light she said, "No, Mom, these things are supposed to be used anywhere."
Promise, I didn't make that up.  Pretty mart thinking though because they truly are made to be taken everywhere with you.  You don't need a lot of mirror time for these easy to use products.  And they are the packaging is great. We loved the lip glosses on little keychains, would be great to hook to your purse or backpack, even on an inside pocket so it doesn't fall to the bottom.  The towelettes are great, I have to admit I wanted to steal them for myself, you can use them as a quick way to clean your face before bed or even as a refresher on the go.  I love the lightness of all the lip glosses and they are not too grown up.  The moisturizer is awesome and super light, will be great to keep her feeling fresh on our 12 hour road trip coming up. And the Smile Butter had the coolest little tub, it snaps closed and stays that way. 

There are plenty of things on the Willa website that I would like to buy for her and try out.  And lucky for all of us Target shoppers, you can even find Willa products there....not our Target...but a lot of them. You can find the list here.

Head over to the Willa website to hear all about the products, the girl behind Willa and buzz worthy stuff girls love. You can find Willa on Facebook and Twitter too.

But enough about what I think....I handed over the laptop to the chick herself....and here's what she had to say:

The top 5 reasons why I love Willa skincare:

  1. Very hydrating.
  2. Has multiple items to choose from.
  3. Beautiful smells and packaging.
  4. With the items you can take on the go even if you are at home you can do it any where.
  5. The lip glosses make my lips feel hydrated.

And there you go....our thoughts on Willa.

All in all....we love it.  We will use it again and I would definitely recommend it to friends.

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