Monday, July 9, 2012

A luxury playground for families.....Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

We just left my grandfather's today around lunch time....although I am bummed to leave my fam I was still pumped to get to the beach.  These toes were made to be buried in white sand. 

Arrived at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and was amazed. The sheer size of this place is just crazy.  You can see where every detail has been thought of and they are ready to please. 

I call it a playground for families but it really is perfect for any one.  There are so many different areas to choose from that you can basically customize your vacation to fit your needs. 

We are right on the golf course, a beautiful view and in a quiet little area of the Southside area of Sandestin called, Tivoli.  We are literally a few steps from the pool in our part of the village too, which is where B and the kids are now while I have a little chat with you.

Like I said before, the resort alone is just amazing.  There is so much going on here that it might even seem a bit overwhelming.  Until, I remember that I am on vacation and vacation means relaxing on the beach sans makeup and stress. 

I have a feeling that the kiddos won't let us sit still for long so lucky for us, Sandestin offers all kinds of things to keep the kids entertained.  T and B are already eyeing the YOLO boards and G will try just about anything once.  R is content just playing in the sand for hours (which I am completely cool with). 

As a Sandestin guest we have access to all kinds of cool stuff, just a flash of our guest card allows us to try out tennis, kayaking, YOLO boarding, Adventure Bay (think Wipeout!), bikes to rent and a ton more. 

We have access to our Tivoli community pool and also the beach side pool at Finz. 

Baytowne Wharf provides everything you may need from shopping to eating and especially fun.  I have a feeling that my kids will love it there and not want to come home. 

I wanted to tell you guys about the tram system too!  There is a tram that can pick you up and drop off you off at little points all through the resort. Smart thinking, Sandestin, smart thinking. 

I am pleasantly surprised that even though the resort is so large it has a community feel.  I have seen people of all ages here having fun. 

We made a quick stop at the beach this afternoon after getting all settled in and that is one thing that didn't surprise me at all.  The Emerald Coast is as beautiful as ever, just reminds me why we make this trek each year.  I have to admit that we usually don't go the "resort route" and that this is new to us but I love it.  On the part of the beach where the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort has chairs and umbrellas to rent there is also an area for adults to enjoy a few drinks and another area for all concessions.  There is a beach side restaurant and plenty of little outdoor shower areas where you can get the sand off before heading up for a bit to eat. 

I can't wait to get out there tomorrow and have a complete beach day full of sun, sunscreen, feet absolutely covered in sand, water I can see through and searching for shells. 

I have felt completely pampered just walking into this resort and have been truly impressed with the all of the people I have been in contact with here.  Very helpful and sweet as can be.  Our unit was prepared with thoughtfulness and I appreciated it.

In Tivoli, we are staying in a 3 bedroom/ 3 bath townhome. The master suite is beautiful, with a jacuzzi tub and a french doors opening up to the back patio where I know I will be enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the morning.  The ceilings are high, and make it feel like a 2 story unit.  All of the lighting and details are immaculate and the art and decorations are gorgeous.  The living room has enough seating for probably 15 people, and the dining area is perfect. 

Our patio was a huge surprise, it is so much bigger than most patios at a vacation rental.  It also has a table, chairs, swing and grill to make the vacation complete. 

I really feel at home here and the kids and B do too.  They didn't even fight over rooms! (gasp!)  R and G decided they would be in the "bunk room" which has 2 sets of bunk beds....they both get a top bunk.  T gets his own room and bathroom, and he's stoked.  Our boys share a bedroom at home so any time they don't have to sleep in the same room, they don't.  We are in a downstairs unit and like every hotel, condo, sounds like hippos might be living above us but that's okay.  It's understandable, every one has to walk, right? Grrrr...

I will leave you now to enjoy pictures of our home away from home.  More to come tomorrow.  Until then, don't forget to check out Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort for yourself.  Their prices start out really reasonable and this part of Florida is just great.  You can find Sandestin on Facebook and Twitter too!  If you aren't already following me on Twitter and Facebook you may want to start now so that you can keep up with all of our adventures.  You can find all of that info right on the sidebar. 

Master suite

Master suite...doors to the patio

Living room into kitchen and dining

Not sure what kind of dance is going on there...

I am totally digging this tree art and need to find some for my own home

Living room

Dining table


Bunk room!

T's room

my three little birds...


Happy summer, my friends.

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