Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home sweet home.....

Over 12 hours of driving yesterday....through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and finally Texas.  3 kiddos, one parent.  Totally outnumbered. I'm pretty sure they got the vibe of the trip....get home and get home quickly. 

The way there is always more fun.  You're excited and hopeful and have plenty of time to spare so the rugrats can stretch their legs and yell and scream and the driver can crack their back 9 different ways so they don't risk being paralyzed from lack of movement.

The way home is always bittersweet.  At least for me it is.  With all of my extended family in Alabama it's always hard to leave.  But when B flew home Monday I missed him.  He is my partner in crime, the other half of my tag team, my relief shift.  So, when he's gone....I notice.  Let's just keep all of that between us, shall we?  In Alabama things are just different. 

B and I always talk about how it feels like we've gone back in time when we're there.  Culturally, there is just differences.  Some good, some bad.  Things move a bit slower and people are a bit nicer.  Yes, Texas is the South.  There's a difference though, I promise.  As much as I hate to leave my grandfather, aunts and uncles, family's  nice to be home.  Even I have to get back to reality.

I have been MIA this past week...taking a bloggy break from our vacation posts to enjoy time with the fam.  We were at my aunt and uncle's house while T attended Auburn Soccer Camp and we had a ton of fun.  First of all....there was HUGE lunch waiting for us when we arrived Sunday afternoon.  Home cooking I was so desperately craving.  Vacations are fun but after a while you get tired of the restaurants and vacation matter how good it all is. 
My aunt had a spread waiting for us....a huge ham, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, green beans, squash, fresh tomatoes...yum.  It felt so good to get some veggies!!

My aunt is an avid antique hunter....and she likes to restore what she finds.  I would like to think I have that kind of imagination but I don't.  But I did find some awesome things when we were browsing the Antique Mall.  And they all made it home safe and sound.  My next project....making room in my kitchen cabinets for these amazing finds. The album will be proudly displayed in the family room. 
Pyrex love

finally an 8x8 pan! and check out that Corningware.....


Good Housekeeping's Book of Menus, Recipes, and Household Discoveries  copyright 1922 Fourth Edition ... the handwritten notes and scattered flour dried through out the pages made me smile.

I am now officially hooked on searching through antique/thrift stores. 

We had a blast on vacation and now that we're home it's back to reality.  The laundry and dishes wait for no one.  Even me and my road trip lag.  Yes, I know it's jet lag but I swear when I unfolded myself from the car yesterday I felt like I might have been turned into an 80 year old woman with really bad arthritis. 

Here's to recouping!

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