Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun with Felt {Betty Lukens Felt sets review} and a bit of homeschool nervousness...

As most of my readers know....I will be homeschooling our little man this year for Kindergarten.  I am feeling such a combination of feelings about it all.  I'm excited to start something new.  I'm nervous to start something new too.  I'm a bit lost...where to start?!  I'm questioning my ability as a teacher and also pumped to gather new skills. 

This is the first review in conjunction with the new homeschooling journey.  I saw the Fun with Felt sets as a sponsor ad on one of my favorite homeschooling blogs, Confessions of a Homeschooler, and was intrigued.  It seemed like an easy activity that we could use as a teaching prop as well as something that could keep G occupied for awhile just making up his own stories.  Imagination is a wonderful thing and I encourage the kids as much as I can for them to use the one they were blessed with.  Easier said than done, of course. 

We received the Ocean scene and animals set and also the Day of the Dinosaurs set.  G picked them out after we looked online so I knew he would love them.  While waiting for them to ship he asked me if the mail woman was going to be bringing his "felt stuff".  When they finally arrived, he was ready to play. 

Like I mentioned before, we won't be starting homeschool until the bug kids get to school so I wasn't planning on using them as a complete educational tool just yet.  Basically, he wanted to play with them, and we would use them as a stepping stone to discuss the animals and Dino's in a fun way but not turning it into a full blown lesson. 

He loves them!  He likes that it's large and he can sit at the dining table and spread out all of his animals and play.  His sets have also migrated to his bedroom where he has some rare alone time.  They are super easy to store because they're flat, we have ours on the bookshelf in the boys' room. 

G doesn't lack imagination so it's fun to listen to him playing with his sets and living in his little world. Betty Lukens promotes the use of imagination and they want to inspire your child to use these sets as a building block to other lessons. 

I love all of the other sets they have and wouldn't mind getting a few more.  I really like the Rainforest and Space sets.  I am excited to get to know this brand and include Betty Luken's products in this blog as a great homeschool resource.  I also really dig that they have dress up sets too....paper dolls but better!

We will definitely be using the felt sets as we include the Ocean and Dinosaurs in our lesson plans and curriculum.  You don't have to be a homeschooler to use these great sets.  These work for everyday play and they even have Bible sets to use at home or even for Sunday School!

This is an exciting journey and I am happy to receive any suggestions, recommendations, helpful tips you guys may have in the whole homeschooling area.

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