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WasteNot Saks Review and Giveaway!

I am so excited about this giveaway! 
Last year, before school started, my daughter proposed a challenge.  She wanted us to go the whole school year without plastic baggies in their lunch.  First thought-Yes! I have done it...the green brainwashing is complete! Second thought-okay, there goes my Back to School budget.   Despite my cheapness, I got online that day and searched for what we would need.  I stumbled upon WasteNot Saks on Etsy, which is such an amazing site.
Having used sandwich wraps for a year from another company I knew I wanted something different and WasteNot Saks was the different we needed.  I loved the Velcro closure and the sack-like design.  The fabrics that are available ranged from grown up to pre-school friendly and they were all very vibrant.  I bought 3 Sandwich Saks and 3 Snack Saks that day, in total kid friendly prints.   They are surprisingly affordable,  only $6.50 for a Snack Sak and $7.50 for a Sandwich Sak. 
When they arrived, Tyler immediately claimed the Guitar print and Rhys loved the owls.  Griffin, of course, liked the aliens.  With our WasteNot Saks arsenal, we were successful in our No Baggie Challenge for the entire school year!  I can't imagine how much money we saved.  Being a self professed Green Geek, I love being able to pack their lunches and not feel guilty about wrapping it  in chemical filled plastic.  Hurting the environment and my kids' health in the long run, I use the least amount of plastic possible.  Especially with all of the BPA warnings.  
My WasteNot Saks are in excellent condition, even after a year of daily use.  I usually wash the sandwich Saks each time they are used because of the mess PB and J can make.  Super simple to wash: flip inside out and get rid of crumbs, throw in with a load of clothes on cold wash, which I use all the time anyway except for towels.  After washing them I try to remember to take them out and let them air dry but sometimes I forget and they are thrown into the dryer as well, still work perfectly!  Using the WasteNot Saks cuts down on waste in so many ways, no more single serve packages of Goldfish, no baggies to stuff the sandwich in, no hard plastic sandwich containers that most likely contain BPA.  If you Google BPA, you will avoid it in every way possible, believe me.   (Here's a link to the FDA's comments about BPA)
The fabric is an added plus, the range of colors and prints are amazing.  These are great for teachers or any working woman trying to avoid the waste while bringing her lunch.  They are perfect for kids of all ages, and easy to open and close, even for the littlest of fingers.  All three of my kids, ages 11,8 and 3 1/2, use the WasteNot Saks for all sorts of things.  This summer, when we didn't have to pack lunches, we used the Alien Sandwich Sak to carry Leapster games when we headed to the allergist for our monthly appointment.  
So, the low down on the WasteNot Saks you need to know:
1. Eco-friendly
2. Made with cotton and lined with water-resistant, FOOD SAFE nylon
3. No PVC, No Phthalates, No BPA, No lead
4. Your food is not coming into contact with polyurethane!
5. Saving you money by not buying single serve packages and plastic baggies
6. Totally fashionable for every member of the family with variety in fabrics from classic solids to playful patterns. 

Fleur de Lis
Rock Star
Monkey Ballerina
Pink Wallflower

As a mom, I can honestly tell you this product is one you will want to have for the school year and all year.  I have not had one problem with the 6 Saks that I own.  They have kept their color, without a stain in sight, even after Cheetos were in the Snack Sak.  The Velcro closure is still perfect.  These are so great to have available in your house for daily use.  The Sandwich Sak works perfectly, I wrap their sandwiches in a paper towel and then drop in the Sak, they can use that paper towel as their napkin.  The Snack Saks have been used for everything in my house, from pretzels and Goldfish to grapes and blueberries. 

How cute is this Meyer Lemon print?!

WasteNot Saks has been very generous in this giveaway, they are offering a Sandwich AND Snack Sak pack in ONE of the top THREE fabrics you note in your comment!! 
So, I'll make this simple:
1. You MUST be a follower of this blog, publicly. 
2. You need to go to WasteNot Saks on Etsy and pick your top THREE fabric choices.
3. Come back here and comment about which WasteNot Saks (Top Three) you would want along with YOUR E-MAIL address so I can contact you if you win. (Your e-mail will only be used for that reason, please write it this way: lizandbryan [at]yahoo [dot]com, so it can't be spammed.)
4. When the giveaway is over, August 29Th, I will pick a name (literally out of a hat), and that WINNER will be contacted by WasteNot Saks for shipping info. and you will receive your WasteNot bundle in one of the three fabrics you were digging.  
P.S.-only open to US residents....sorry.

With everything from Amphibian Camo to Pink Skulls I know there will be an option for everyone.  Good Luck!  You have until August 29th at midnight to make a comment following all of the "rules".


  1. Hi Liz,
    This looks to be a great product. I looked at the site and saw not only this cute little sacks but they even have bamboo forks and spoons!! It was very hard to not want one of every pattern but after looking for a while I would say I love the Pink Sweet Tooth, Pink Circle or the Black and White Bursts. Thanks for suggesting these little sacks I am going to be ordering some for Faith to use.

  2. I actually just recently ordered some of these reusable sandwich bags and can't wait to get them in. It is going to be SO much cheaper and eco-friendly not to have to buy the little plastic baggies. Also, I thought the utensils and straws were a really great idea.
    As a working mom, I'm responsible for packing my lunch along with the lunches for my family (husband included:-/). I love the fact that they have LOTS of fabric prints that are kid AND adult friendly. My three favorites(that I didn't already order) are the Carnival Bloom, Peaceful Flowers, and Aliens & Friends.

  3. I am really glad I found your blog. We use SnackTaxi bags and I'd like to try other brands as well. I like:
    morning glory
    coffee talk

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

  4. 1.Poppy Dot Sandwich Sak
    2.Meyer Lemon Snack Sak
    3.Pink Trees Sandwich Sak
    I absolutely LOVE these!!!
    sandandstarfish at yahoo dot com

  5. I follow your blog
    1. Blue 2D Zoo
    2. Green Spotted Owl
    3. Zinnia

    samantha.holcomb at gmail dot com

  6. I'm a follower. This giveaway is great!

    I love:
    Green Spotted Owl
    Pink Trees
    Coffee Talk


  7. I'm gfc follower Lindsie and my favorite fabrics are Green Bud, Dandelion Fields and Mocca.

    elkmeese at yahoo dot com

  8. aliens, morning glory, and the lemon ones are awesome!
    daunfamily at yahoo dot com

  9. I like the Teal Leaf Dot, Meyer Lemon, and Dandelion Fields :)

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  10. I am so proud of you and all you do! What kid wouldn't rather have these to express their personality than some icky old plastic baggie!
    Her site is closed and I couldn't look at the different designs but from the ones you have posted above I like
    1. Monkey ballerina
    2. Rockstar
    3. Pink Wallflower

  11. Sorry for all of the confusion with her website guys!! I wish she would have told me her vacation days before so that I could've been prepared. She has pretty much everything you can think of though, including solids. Whoever wins:I will notify her that you might not have been able to choose the exact ones you wanted. :)


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