Thursday, April 19, 2012

P is for.....Pray like a child

Each night we say our prayers together. We have our typical prayer, Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord our souls to keep....but then we add on whatever is on our minds.  The kids prayers are always so open and honest.  I admire this because, as an adult I tend to be more guarded with my prayers, especially when they are out loud.  T is about at this point now, at 13, he will say a prayer out loud at small group but it's more of a God is great, God is good type of thing.  As he's gotten older, his prayers are more guarded like mine.  R prays for things cautiously and considerately. I have never heard her pray from things that are frivolous or material, at least not aloud.  G though, at 5, still has that innocence that only a 5 year old can.  He come to God and talks as he would talk to me or his dad.  He talks freely and with an ease that most adults lack. 
I think we should all come to God as children and it would be a much more honest prayer. 
Here is the video of G praying last night, you will have to listen closely.  For translation sake; he is basically telling Him, thank you for a good heart and a good family and we love you God, we love you.

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