Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend. Over. (Photo a Day June 9&10)

Summertime has squelched my food budget....if I had a budget that I stuck to, which I don't.  Which screws me every single week. Once again I ended up at the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon aka the worst time ever to go to the store.  I had a list, I conquered that list and then some.  And it cost roughly 2 million bucks.
Having a teenage son is like having a cow for a pet....inside the house.  That eats non stop and then complains that we have NOTHING in the house.
Just wanted to get that out of the way.

This weekend was actually wonderful and summery.....

We had a Birthday party to go to and this was my view (photo a day #9)

G had a blast...and so did R even though she pretty much hung out beside me the whole time.  Good friends, good food....and good entertainment. 
On the subject of the entertainment....have you ever noticed how a clown or a person in costume (Chuck E. Cheese, etc) somehow turns completely sweet, well behaved children into mouthy and snippy kids? Not to the other kids but to the clown! 
How many times have you seen that giant rodent getting kicked or a clown being called names?  I really wonder why these things create these emotions in the kids.  So strange.
I guess if some guy in makeup and big shoes tried chatting me up and trying to make me laugh I might be a little confused to.

After the kids were wiped out from the party we decided it would be a good time to go clothes shopping! Great idea, right? 
No, it really was fine.  G caught about 10 minute nap on the way there so he was good while we were shopping.  It's a Town Center, so no mall just sidewalks and shops.  G snagged an amazing fedora that he now claims is his lucky hat and I'm sure it will be worn everyday until a new lucky omen is found. 
G loved crossing the street at the stop signs and he was jiving along with his new little hat on and proceeded to shake his fist at a car waiting for us to pass and say, "Hey!  I'm walking here!" in a Jersey accent that I didn't even know he possessed. 
We spent the most time in Barnes and Noble though, where I could live happily. 

And that would be the best part of the weekend.  Just G, R and me shopping around, walking, chatting, yelling at cars that were doing nothing wrong, and sitting on the floor at the bookstore and being completely and utterly happy.

Photo a day #10
best part of your weekend

R had made her way to look at other books and was finding her own happiness...within a safe distance from me of course.

I hope you all have a fantastic week. 

T has another week of strength and conditioning camp and I plan on starting my pre-vacation deep cleaning.  If you want to join a photo challenge, head over to Fat Mum Slim and click away.

Peace out, my friends!

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