Friday, June 8, 2012

How do you feel about letting some newbies into your life?

I saw this prompt on Nap Time is My Time and she talked about the NaBloPoMo June writing prompts from the BlogHer peeps....which I had never heard of.  I live comfortably outside of the loop at all times. They closed the blog roll but the writing prompts are up....perfect for a little inspiration. June's theme is Jump.  And the prompt was How do you feel about new people jumping into your life?

It's funny really that this is the prompt because I just mentioned to B earlier that I think people probably have a misconception about me being this HUGE extrovert but most of the time I would really rather be at home reading a book.  He laughed and told me I had them all fooled. 

I don't think I have them fooled, per say, it's just that when I do get out of the house I have a severe case of word vomit.  It just doesn't stop.  So, letting new people in on all of that just doesn't seem like a great idea.

And I'm pretty comfortable with my handful of friends that I do have. 

When I got married every one else I was friends with was at a different point in their life....called college...or something of the sort.  They were gone.  I've talked about how young we were (I turned 18 two weeks before the big day)and I honestly think it's best that all of those "friendships" I thought were oh-so-wonderful are null in void now. 
They weren't really true friendships but people that were just there and into the same stuff I was at the moment.  Which was probably nothing good.  I did have some great childhood friends and a few of us tried staying close after my family started but we just drifted apart. 
A lot of those childhood friends are the people I find myself wanting to reconnect with.  Not the high school party crowd but the ones who I played Barbies with and wrapped houses on the golf course with.
My best friend and I went to school together from 7th grade on through high school but we became the closest at the end of our senior year and just never gave up on each other.  We are unconditional and understand each other's own crazy.  I have one other amazing friend from 7th grade and we are still amazingly close.

I have found a comfortable bubble women who I jive with and I'm good with that.  They are Christian women like myself and they are also lively and crazy and emotional and REAL. 
In 14 years of marriage and 13 years of parenting, I have been in and out of all kind of different little groups of friends.  And all of them turned out crappy. 
Lesson learned though, it's about quality not quantity.  You need people you can laugh really loud with, cry your heart out to and even a friend who will tell you to shut the heck up.
So, introducing new people into my life? Not the easiest thing.  But hey, I had to do it at some point to find the friends I have now, so I say go for it. Nothing to lose.

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  1. I totally get this! I usually have once really close friend at a time, and most other friends are probably closer to acquaintances. If that's the way you are, it's just better to focus on one or two really quality relationships at a time, I think.


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