Thursday, June 14, 2012

The way to a girl's to bring you joy

What food brings you intense joy to eat?

That is the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today and I'm pretty sure they created it just for me.


Are you one of those people who just eats to survive?  Or do you eat what you love and love doing it? 

I would be the latter.  I'm so bad about this that if there is nothing here for lunch that I would enjoy...I just don't have lunch.  I rarely have breakfast either.....yes, I know, most important meal of the day yadda yadda yadda.  I enjoy waking up with a few cups of coffee and that's about it.  I do love many breakfast food though and none of them include Greek yogurt or Fiber One. 

We've all had the hypothetical question asked of us, what would be your last meal? 

My answer has been the same for as long as I can remember, Thanksgiving dinner.  I can even do without the turkey.  Give me all the sides and I am good to go.

So, onto the question...what gives me intense joy when I eat it?

We need to break this bad boy into categories.

Let's start with breakfast:

French toast, probably my fave breakfast food. After years of making french toast just the plain way I knew how, I finally found this amazing recipe from Alton Brown.  Try it, I beg of you.  It is so good. Seriously, make it today. Here's the recipe. PS: it calls for warmed honey in the batter. Yes ma'am.

Fried eggs with rice.  Anyone that is not from the South is probably like Wha??  This is something I grew up having for breakfast.  Rule #1: it must be a runny egg.  Don't get all high and mighty anti-salmonella on me now.  Make some white rice, fry an egg and plop that egg on top of the rice.  Sprinkle with seasoned salt or good ol salt and pepper.

On to lunch

a good sandwich.  You know what I'm talking about; deli meat piled high, good lettuce, pickles, provolone cheese.....yes.


Here's where we can get a bit carried away...

Like I said, before I love Thanksgiving dinner.  Especially the sides because let's get real, that's the real dinner.

Here are some of my fave sides...
Sweet Potato Crunch, childhood fave.  I'm not talking about sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.  This is smooth, creamy sweet potatoes mixed with brown sugar and butter and topped with an out of this world crunchy topping with plenty of pecans. 

You can find many variations that are all pretty much the same...I usually double the topping.  And I use mashed sweet potatoes in a can, I found some at Whole Foods last year that were yummy.

Here's one recipe.

My second favorite side is the dressing.  I am a southern girl, and we have dressing, not stuffing. I would give you a family recipe I have hidden somewhere but then I would have to track you down and kill you. So, I will give you another favorite recipe that works in the slow cooker.....and it is super good.

Now, plop cranberry sauce on top of that and you're good to go.

More dinner...

I'm all about comfort foods.  They make me happy.  And a happy mom and wife is well....a happy home. 

Here are some of my absolute go-to's for dinner that bring me joy. I'll just post the pin and make it easier on everyone.  Visual aids are the best.

Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti

Six Sister's Stuff-Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Chicken Pot Pie-A Muse in my Kitchen

Cowboy Spaghetti-Rachael Ray

Jambalaya-Laura's Lean Beef ....this is one has been a go to for a few years. It's not too spicy and everyone loves it. Perfect to take somewhere for a friend in need or pot luck.

Crispy Cheddar Chicken-Jamie Cooks it Up
this has become a quick family favorite.  I try to cook it once every few weeks so I don't burn anyone out on it. 

Dr. Pepper Roast....I renamed this because I hate Pepsi. Yuck.  So, I use Dr. Pepper or Coke.  I also use a good beef roast, so it's more like chopped beef sandwiches.  I serve it on the yummy goodness of Hawaiian rolls.  This is teenager approved.

This is my handy dandy roasted Brussels sprouts recipe.  I love them, my kids love them, my husband loves them, and random teenagers who may be at my home when I pull them from the oven love them.  I have never met anyone who doesn't dig these. 

Twirly Whirly Pizza-This is another one of mine....well it's from Parents magazine about a million years ago.  I still have the original recipe I ripped out and shoved in a cookbook.  We have changed it up a little bit, I like to make a huge batch in a 9x13 and you can mix and match the "toppings".  We love using baby spinach along with other yummy stuff.  This recipe brings me joy because everyone LOVES it.  Even G, who doesn't really like to eat anything unless it's a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

Are you wondering about dessert now?  I will leave you with the absolute favorite dessert that brings me joy.  It also brings my kids joy.....they even ask for it to be the "Birthday Cake".

Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake

Now, go bring yourself some joy and EAT!


  1. Man, all these recipes look great! I have a Squash Pizza that I LOVE! And Chocolate Cherry Bars are my fave dessert! If I could live on these two things I would. I would be as wide as a house, however. :-) My favorite recipes, including the two I've mentioned here, are on my blog, under the "Concession Stand" page, if you're interested. :-)

  2. Found you via That Friday Blog Hop.

    Yummy! Your food pics made me hungry (especially the cake pic at the end...)


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