Saturday, June 16, 2012

Photo a Day June.....

I've been posting my pictures for Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge on Staying Home and Staying Sane's FB page and Twitter and have neglected to blog a few.  So, here they are...

Day 11: door
On this day I had an average of 6 kids in the house all day.  Coming in and out and in and out and in get the picture.  The door was rarely closed all the way and if it was, it was slammed.  

Day 12: From a low angle
I couldn't decide which one to use so I just made a collage of them both.

Day 13: art
This, my friends, is about as crafty as I get. Sorry for the disappointment you may be experiencing at this moment.

Day 14: time
this is what doggie bathtime looks like at my house.  I think R was even wetter than the dog after it was all over with. And I love the look I am getting from Leni here....she was hoping I would rescue her from the torture.

Day 15: yellow
I took this from under a canopy of trees in my backyard yesterday evening as the sun was going down. I took a few shots but this was the one everyone in the family liked the best. 

And this one has nothing to do with the photo challenge.  My step mom gave me this picture of my dad when he was 3 months old so that I could scan it and have it in my "archives" seeing as though I'm basically the family historian aka the only one who takes pictures.

How stinkin cute was he??  What's really crazy is how much he looks like my youngest son or how much my youngest looks like him.  Love it!  Right now, my dad is in California working....this is his first time back at work (outside of the house) since his heart transplant about 7  months ago.  Yes, heart transplant. Brand new heart. God is good.

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