Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day love, camp bound kids.....and a sickness most 10-18 year old girls have.

Father's Day has come and gone now....and my kids kept their Father's Day present for their Daddy a surprise for 2 weeks! That is a HUGE accomplishment with these kids.....T once let a big Christmas present from a grandparent slip, they've got loose lips. Big time.  But they kept the iPad a secret.
That was success #1.
The other success was keeping Sir Snoops-a-lot from finding out in his sneaky ways. 
He loved it and was totally surprised.

I have only loaded 1 app on the iPad so far so he doesn't think I bought it for me.  I'll give it a few weeks. ;)

My dad is in California working so I didn't get to see him in person on Father's Day but I did get a gorgeous shot of Laguna Beach sent to my phone from him.
We spent the day out at my husband's dad's house and enjoyed stuffing our faces and playing outside. 

There's B pitching to G...who can't get enough of baseball

Sa-wing Batter!!

My niece in the red, R in the HUGE headband and my nephew...stuffing their faces :)
We had to get up early this morning and get T off to his first camp of the summer....well, his first sleep away camp of the summer.  It's a church camp and he had quite a few friends going.  I can't wait to hear the stories when he comes home.  He is the most random and crazy kid ever but I will miss him while he's gone. This is the calm before the storm...when T gets back Friday I have to wash his clothes all over again and pack he and his sister both up to go to Camp Woodmen. Old school camps are the best. After they come home....we will be on Vacation Time! Whoo hoo!

And he's off.....girls, don't be threatened by his love for his Pillow Pet.
R is my kid who doesn't mind being alone.  She loves to craft and hang out.  Today she made this fab 1 Direction purse out of duct tape.  She has major One Direction infection like I'm sure most girls do right about now.

She wants to open an Etsy shop so bad...she loved making her duct tape creations

One Direction :) too cute
I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

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