Monday, May 28, 2012

Brothers and sisters pushing buttons, runny noses and low grade fever. Hello weekend.

G-man has been feeling awful all weekend.  He's had a low grade fever, just enough to make him feel yucky.  Yesterday, he also started to have a sore throat, runny/stuffy nose and goopy eyes.  It stinks to be sick during the summer. 
He still wants to go out and play even when he's in a horrible mood and the big kids seem to be hitting every nerve. 

I'm hoping he gets better soon because I think he's getting a touch of cabin fever.

Check out that pitiful tear....I finally managed to get him to smile after he had enough of the big kids

One of the big kids walked up....look at that face.

We did find a pretty cool little inch worm, these always remind me of Slimy on Sesame Street

T, a teen, still can't quite grasp that he's going to 8th grade

R, my soon to be 5th grader

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Memorial Day! 

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