Saturday, May 26, 2012

Days like this.....are what make everything alright.

G has had a low grade to moderate fever since yesterday afternoon and luckily this all fell on a weekend where Daddy can help out with Mr. Sicky Pants. 

This morning, we all slept in....T didn't drag himself out of bed until around 2.  I treated myself to a pedicure because I was sick of staring at my naked toenails.  While nail tech told me that my itty bitty hot pink mole on the said of my calf was considered lucky.  Not sure if this is just something she made up or it's a Vietnam thing but hey, I'll take luck anyway I can get it.

After my fortune teller visit/pedicure I was itching to keep on going for the day.  I nixed the idea of taking R to the antique shops nearby and decided we would head to "town" and finally get some more Duck Tape (duct tape or duck tape...that is the question, I found it here, and they are pretty interchangeable) because she has been on a creative kick.  We have so many duct tape wallets laying around it's not even funny.  She now has her eyes set on an Etsy shop.  We'll see.  I told her I wasn't quite sure of the demand out there in the Etsy world for another duck tape crafty pants. 

By the town....I mean 25 minutes down the road.  In Small Town, Texas, nothing is really close by unless you live in a city with more than 10k people.  So, that means that the closest Target, mall or bookstore is about 30 minutes away. We're used to it so that honestly isn't a bad drive.

R and I included The Boy in our Duck tape hunting trip and he was super pumped about stopping at Hobby Lobby.  We all had fun though despite the lack of testosterone in the store.  T managed to find a Goo Goo Bar which he hasn't had since a hurt tooth incident that called for a dentist appointment.  After Hobby Lobby, of course we had to go to Target.  We also made a stop at Chick fil A where we laughed and stuffed ourselves with waffle fries. 

We also made fun of T's hair.  He couldn't get it to go down for anything before we left the house so he had a sideways Alfalfa going on.  I promised I wouldn't post the pics on I'm not.  Just here.  hee hee

In Target, R found the only thing that would make her life complete.  A set of fake nails that are said to last for 7 days.  I'm not betting on it.  I can relate to this extreme need.  I used to wear my one fake nail I snagged from a carnival of some sort all the time.  It wasn't a fake nail, rather a fake top half of a finger.  Strange, I know, but it slipped on over my finger and I totally felt like a grown up with it on. 

While walking into Target, I dared T to keep a British accent the entire time we were there.  He had to keep it even if he had to ask a Target employee a question and when he had to call his Dad to ask about a video game.  He did pretty good and lasted about 35 minutes.  There was no prize...just the satisfaction of seeing people's confused faces listening to the boy who was obviously faking what he thought to be a British accent. 

So, a good day over all.  B and little man stayed home and played baseball in 30 minute intervals so he didn't get too hot.  Baseball is G's newest obsession and he has even started turning his precious baseball hat around the right way and that has not happened in the 2 years he has been sporting it.

  1. R and her amazing duct tape wallet and out of control fake nails
  2. Target turned library
  3. The hair do of the day...and the attempt to cover the camera
  4. The look over the shoulder as I faked him out, telling him a certain cute girl had just walked into Chick fil A.
  5. The smile :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 


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