Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for.....Mom Brain

You might have Mom Brain if....

  • you have ever walked into a room and have no clue why....even if that room is the bathroom.
  • you have ever tried to unlock your house door with the keyless entry key chain to your car.
  • you have ever shushed an adult for using their "outside voice" or corrected their grammar...just out of habit.  Especially "yes ma'am" (this is for fellow Southern moms, I guess)
  • you have ever worn any article of clothing inside out....all day.
  • you have watched an entire show....and can't remember what happened.
  • you have ever read an entire chapter....and have to re-read the whole thing.
  • you have ever talked to your spouse in a "baby voice".
  • you have laughed hysterically at something no one else finds's called delirium and it will pass (in at least 18 years).
  • you have had a Redbox movie for over 3 days....and still haven't watched it.
  • you don't realize that you're still watching Disney Channel....and there are not any kids in the room.
  • you know all the theme songs to those shows you are sleep watching. Phineas and Ferb....pretty catching!
  • Goldfish count as a meal in your world.
  • you forget something 10 minutes after it came out of some one's mouth...or even your own.
  • you can't remember people's's okay, you probably have enough friends anyway.
  • if you have poured half and half in the kids' cereal instead of your coffee cup. (they'll survive)
  • you chopped, diced, browned and prepared dinner in your slow cooker.....hours later you realize.....slow cookers work much better when they are turned on.
  • you have ever started your coffee pot with just coffee (totally did this a few weeks ago, who knew it would make such a  mess).
  • you can fold clothes without looking (I actually consider this a talent that we acquire in time...out of pure necessity).

If you have any of these symptoms you probably have Mom Brain.  Don't worry, just sit WILL get better.  In 18-20 years. 
They sure are cute....but they give me a bad case of Mom Brain.

A to Z blogging post (M)

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