Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for....a lifetime of Love

Sometimes I feel an abundance of love swelling in my heart.  I look at my kids, or my hubby...or my parents, and many more....and just feel like thanking God for who he put me with in this world. 
Our life truly is made up of little moments of love, joy, fear and tragedy.....I would rather focus on the moments of love and joy and accept where the moments of fear and tragedy have gotten me.  The people that surround me on this planet are there for a reason and only God knows exactly why and how that is shaping me as a genuine Christ follower. 
Those times when I feel my heart calm and my eyes well with tears of pure contentment are the ones I relish and try to recreate repeatedly.  Unsuccessfully.  The times when I feel so overwhelmed with love must be those moments that I am not attempting to do anything but be in the moment.  I guess the moments we are taken off guard by the glory of God are the times where He has seeped into our souls; through our walls we have put up or the things that stay on our mind, the worries that we needlessly have, the fake smiles we are wearing. 
I can only thank God for the moments that I have experienced, the people I have  met, the times of pure abandonment of insecurities (those are much more few and far between), the smiles on my kids' faces, the kiss from my husband each night, the unconditional, unfailing,  love of my family. 
Here is my lifetime of love...well not a lifetime...I wouldn't have enough room on this blog for all the love I've experienced and given.  But here's a peek....

Love of the women of my family <3

My love of the beach

Daddy's love

Cousin and grandparent love

My first real love

Our first love together

Mother, daughter, sister love <3

More love than I knew I had

and even more love than I deserved...

Family love
Another A to Z Challenge post!

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  1. Nice idea. Loved the photos and the little captions.

    I'm trying to visit as many as I can and bookmark the ones I'd like to visit again.

    Enjoyed your post.

    Happy A-zing.


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