Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Easter...and eggs...

Easter is here.....I can't really believe it because it feels like it is way too soon.  Every year, I explain the Easter story to G, who stares at me...acts like he's taking it all in and then quickly moves on to whatever he was doing before I started trying to enlighten him with the wonders of Jesus.  I was talking to him about the story of Easter before we headed out to his school this was their Easter party and let's get real here....candy stuffed in plastic eggs is probably  pretty darn important to a 5 year old boy. 
I always love his parties at school....they are still at the age where they love having their parents there to stare at them while they paint and color and blink sporadically.  I am trying to be completely ignorant of the fact that this was his last Easter party with Mrs. Holly as he will be a real graduate this year, heading to kindergarten.   (Not too far though, I will be homeschooling him for Kinder)  If I think about it too long I will cry, like a baby.

Painting his eggs

His loot!

After the Easter party fun....the Hubs went to the grocery store for me and then cooked dinner for all of us!  I know...he's pretty amazing.  I hate the grocery store so this was already a big deal, then he pulled out all of the stops and made shrimp and sausage kabobs along with corn on the cob and he put the potatoes on to boil for the Crash Potatoes I threw in the oven with mushrooms and onions.  After that we had one of my all time fave desserts...strawberry shortcake! 
While we were at the table G looked at me and said.....Mom, I could be Jesus for Halloween! 
See?  He does listen to the things I tell him.  He just puts into his own context.  Halloween costumes are probably one of the things that G talks about on a daily basis.  I think Jesus would dig that he's been put on rotation for the list this year of the 10 things he will dress as.  Now, to get him growing a rad beard.

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  1. Your family is precious. This time when your son is young goes too fast. I'm glad you're enjoying the moment.


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