Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Daughters....the job doesn't pay well, but I've got great benefits.


She is the one to discover the webcam on the computer...and spends plenty of time taking pictures of herself like this and doctoring them up with hearts and butterflies.

A to Z Challenge!

  I am a Boy Mom.  Yes, I have a daughter.  And I have 2 sons.  I just need to be honest with you, God knew what he was doing with when he gave me 2 boys and 1 girl because I don't think I could handle vice verse.  Which is ironic because I grew up with just my sister, my mom and my dad.  Dad was totally outnumbered and it was definitely a "girl household".   There were no boys running around, no muddy footprints, no wet dog smell that I have become so accustomed to.  It was just girly stuff.  I had the whole house to take over playing Barbie's and took for granted that I could roll my makeshift Barbie house (a shoebox decorated with carpet and tile samples, set atop my skateboard) through the study and the kitchen for hours.  When you have boys in the house, a girl really needs her own space because boys feel the need to destroy anything in their way and God forbid Barbie get a little too comfortable in her frozen position, someone will let out their aggression by bombing her beautiful little world.  Yet, I still feel like a boy mom. 
This basically means that I can put up with more crap from boys than girls.  I can deal with fist fights and lack of common sense, I can deal with  the inability to find anything in the pantry or the fridge.  I can deal with the stench of a boy's hair when he's gone outside for a mere 5 seconds.  I can not deal with girl drama.  I can not handle the exaggeration of it all.  Which I am absolutely sure my mother doesn't understand because I was a total girl.  Not one lick of tomboy in me.  I tried softball one year and thought I was literally going to die in the outfield.  I played dolls, drew clothes, watched Rainbow Brite and then 90210.  I wanted to be a model, a lifeguard, a teacher, a fashion designer and a Mommy.  I was a fit thrower, a drama queen and a brat.  I sound lovely, don't I? 
So, why don't I "get" girls?  Why is it so hard to understand that even though my daughter is 10 she still has little crazies every month, preparing her mind and body (and I'm sure our household) for what is to come?!  Shouldn't it come naturally to fall into ranks with her rather than stare at her like she might have grown another head?  I can only guess it is because girls are truly harder to raise, in the sense that they love to talk and cry and fight with intensity and passion.  Boys might scream, cry and fight...but they do it and move on.  We all know that a girl can hold a grudge.  Having a daughter, squished in between two boys was really a breather, I realize now.  My daughter is my sanity when I have just had too much "boy" for the day (or week).  She is always ready to have a girl's day, watch a rom-com, get a pedicure, go out for lunch, eat popcorn....she is a girl.  You  may have boys in your life who are calm and easy going but I have 2 boys who literally talk until they finally fall daughter may have her chatterbox moments (or days) but she is also pretty chill.  She can watch a full movie without getting up or being distracted, she can sit on her bed and read a book, she can craft (which I have zero ability to do). 
Though daughters may have their moments of crazy where I feel the need to run away, far away....they also have pretty great moments that make you thank God you were there to witness them.  I guess because I had a boy first it just came natural to be that boy-type mom.  As my kids have grown, I have a lot more boys in my house than girls and that's fine....I still have this sense of intimidation around a group of girls, no matter the age.  Girls have a powerful dynamic, and it can be tough to get past the exterior they choose you to see.  I have prayed and hoped that I am the best mom I can be for all of my children, but I say a special prayer about my daughter.  Girls need so much from their moms and most of it isn't anything we can say to them or talk to them about.  All in is in the way we are....the way we treat others, the people we surround ourselves with, the way we dress, the way we present ourselves, the way we love ourselves, the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. 
So, maybe I'm not a "boy mom".....maybe I just find it easier to be a mom to boys because they lack the sense of drama that girls do.  I am a girl mom too.....I just have to work a bit harder at it.  And what would life be without a good challenge to face everyday?

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