Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What else can we do but improvise?!

Even on vacation your plans can get totally wrecked.  Actually, it seems it happens more on vacation.  We had big plans today to head up to Red Mountain Pass and ride the snow cat ( a gargantuan snowplow type of thing with seats like a bus), sled and zipline. 
We made it to the pass.  We even made it up the mountain, enough to sled.  We were joined by another family who would be snowmobiling and snowboarding.  The family had 2 grandparents and their daughter's family of 3.  Very sweet people, from Illinois.   About 15 minutes of sledding in immaculate snow, the grandmother of the other family got on the sled with her daughter....they went down....FAST....and the grandmother broke her leg.  It was pretty bad and she was in a lot of pain. 
Her family got her comfortable enough in the snow to wait for the EMT, her grandson rode the snowmobile to the emergency call phone and we (my family) loaded up in the snow cat to head back to our car so that the owner of the guide company could pick up the EMT.  We told him we would meet him back after we grabbed lunch in Silverton.  It just didn't work out so we improvised and headed back into Silverton to sled our hearts out. 
Greg, from San Juan Jeep Tours was wonderful.  The bit of time we had with him today he was very informative and gave us tons of history we didn't know.  It would have been a beautiful day, I'm sure.  The pass where he took us, was just out of control gorgeous.  But....things happen and who knows maybe that zip line just wouldn't have worked out too well for us today.  If we had more time here...I would definitely get another tour lined up with San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours because the short experience we did have was tremendous (except for the whole broken leg thing).  If you are around Ouray, definitely check them out. 
Here we are before leaving Red Mountain Pass:

These pictures got a little mixed up....the last pictures are of us on our way up the mountain in the snow cat.  The old house....is either an old mining camp or an old home from years and years ago, when in the pass....there was a town of 10,000 people.   I feel like all of our pictures look like we have a green screen behind us.  Some of the backgrounds just look unreal.  That's just how beautiful it is here.  I can not tell you enough how great this little town of Ouray is.  The people here are extremely welcoming and friendly...and so stinkin' laid back.  I thought as Southerners we could pull that off...but no way, I feel super uptight compared to the laid back Colorado folks.    Traveling to Ouray, you need to know a few things....pack Cd's for the car because you will not get any reception on the radio. prepare your peeps back home that you won't have much cell service on the way up either, places around here close up pretty early...but they open early too so just get out early and get your shopping and stuff done.  Ouray is a place for adventures and family bonding.  From relaxing in the Hot Springs to going to extremes and climbing ice...they have it all.  We have thoroughly enjoyed Ouray...and would love to come explore Ouray during the summer, when they are at their prime.  Hard to imagine, it could be prettier than this though. 
Here we are in Silverton....

We had such a great time sledding....even though it took me forever to climb up the hill.  And by climb, I really mean bear crawl because I am such a weenie.  The kids could climb much faster than we could.  Everyone had a great time, just sledding, playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each other.  We played for a few hours and headed back towards Ouray to change and grab a bite to eat.  We stopped right outside of Ouray, near Look Out Point to catch these amazing views for the last time.

So, tomorrow morning we say "so long" to Ouray.  I am ready to get back to Texas....I miss my pups!  And the rest of our family!  Hopefully, we will be back.  But until then, I hope we have many more adventures as a family. These memories and experiences are ones that the kids will never forget.

Pray for safe travels for us tomorrow as we make the trek back!

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