Sunday, March 11, 2012

A vacation on vacation....

This morning we woke up whenever we alarm needed!  And....the first kid chose 6am to wake up!  After shooing him back to bed, we all got up and moving around 9.  We were determined to make it to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool today.
We were all really excited about this while planning our trip to Ouray....that was before R broke her wrist and had a cast put on.  I have to say, our day would have been much more fun if she would have been her normal self...or at least had a waterproof cast.  Walking up to the Hot Springs, you are very welcomed.  There is the cutest park and the mountains that are a constant backdrop don't hurt either. 
We didn't plan ahead as well as we should have so....we didn't have any towels to take other than the bath towels in the cottage.  No good.  So, luckily they rent towels to people like us!  The unprepared people of the world.  We also rented a locker to stuff all of our clothes and my camera bag in.  Then we shivered our way to the pool. 
The warm, steaming...pool.  R was glad there was a rim all the way around the springs so she was able to relax too.  We did wrap her arm up like it was being sent to Alcatraz but....we failed.  She still had a bit of water in the baggie.  The kids were bummed that the slides were closed for winter but they still managed to swim and enjoy themselves.  The water really does feel amazing.  Soothing and warm, the shallow part of the pool we stayed in was 99 degrees today.  
G loved it....he was swimming all over the place, chubby face flushed with the warmth from the waters.  The big kids tired of the Hot Springs a little quicker....I know for R it was her cast that was the problem.  She even asked if we could just take it off and let her swim!  T could have ventured all over the pool but stayed with us....I have a feeling he was up late texting a certain girl back home. 
The water was wonderful though.  We stayed a few hours and headed back to the cabin.  While we were eating leftover pizza (from the Ouray Convenience Store last night-killer pizza! and better prices than anywhere else in town)....I looked at B and asked him if he felt super tired and if his muscles felt all...loopy.  He said, "Yeah, you're relaxed."  Wow.  It's been so long since I have felt relaxed that I just thought I was a little off.  My shoulders were all tensed up this morning from sleeping on the super soft beds here in the cabin...I guess I just can't hang with a soft bed....but now they are loose and feel great.  We all seemed to be in a trance after the Hot Springs and lunch...and I'm assuming the hot, soothing water had something to do with it.  
Anything that relaxes my kids.....I am willing to try again and again.  My boys wake up going full speed and do not stop until they finally just....pass out. 
B headed out to the boys. They are in the shallow end at 99 degrees.  The lanes were 77 degrees and the hottest area was 106!

We have enjoyed our cabin so much, being able to spread out and have use of a full refrigerator has been a life saver.  The Elkhorn Cabins are very spacious and open, the high windows show off the mountains behind us.  We also have a companion in the house....Root Beer the Elk.  I find him a bit sad, you know with only half of a body and all.  But the kids still named him.  The loft in the cabin is huge....3 beds, a bathroom and plenty of room for play.  Even though we have all of those beds...only one of the kids is sleeping upstairs.  The younger two decided that the couch bed downstairs would be much more comfortable....I have a feeling it is because Mom and Dad are downstairs too.  The stairs have come in handy at drying all of our snow gear and the gas stove that heats the entire house is amazing.  Remember, if you mention my blog you can receive 15% off on the rental of an Elkhorn cabin for your own family adventures.  I really should have taken pictures of the cabin before we uh....settled in.  Now, it just looks like home, scattered with hoodies, books, games and blankets.  Blankets are a must because my kids are native Texans through and through they are used to stripping down the moment they walk through the door and not thinking a thing about it.  They have come to the realization that they may be able to strip down but they will most definitely need a blanket at the ready. 

G catching up on a little work....

The snowgear hanger....

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