Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vagabonds and road trippers.....

Finally home.
The End.

But really....our Spring Break was so wonderful.....albeit with quite a few bumps in the road.  When you finally get home from vacation your house has a comfort to it that you don't really understand until you haven't been home in a while.  My shower with the less than optimum water pressure was amazing, my bed with the lumps and bumps...had never been more comfortable.  My couch has never been softer, I know this has to be true because when G and I were reading a bedtime story last night, I swear I only closed my eyes for a second but I was in Dream Land. 
We left Ouray about 11am on Wednesday....driving straight through the night to get to Kerrville, Texas so we could pick up my poor car that gave up on our way to Colorado.  I am definitely known to live my life with rose colored glasses on....I tend to believe that people are over all good and they don't really want to take advantage of people.  I am wrong, of course, some of the time.  One of those times would be assuming that the Crenwelge dealership in Kerrville, Texas, would be good people that wouldn't take advantage of people that were basically stuck in their town. 
My car was there from the Wednesday we left.....we called yesterday morning and spoke to them for the first time since we left.  I talked to them first so of course they put on their mechanic-talking-to-woman-voice and told me that my car just wasn't going to make it and that the whole engine needed to be replaced.  Uh, no.  I put B on and they simmered down quite a bit on the dramatics, B told them he would be there soon to look at it himself.  Long story short (kind of) they were trying to squeeze some money out of the people who were stuck in their town. 
I called my dad in tears....doesn't matter how old you are when you call your dad in tears, he comes to your rescue.  So, my amazing dad, who just had a heart transplant about 5 months ago....traveled 4 1/2 hours to pick us all up, he also brought my father in law's trailer and we loaded up my car and brought it home.  Now, we can get the car looked at by people we actually trust and ones we know won't try to take advantage of us. 
I am sure that Kerrville is a town full of really nice people but I have to say that if I ever get back to Kerrville in this will be too soon.  We started calling it The Sinkhole because both of the times we were there, it seemed to swallow us in.  While we were waiting for my dad to make the road trip to pick us up we had to waste some time.  We still had our rental car and didn't have to get it back until 2:30 so we at least had a car most of the time.  B had driven all night long and was pretty much a zombie.  I had him to take us to Hastings...where I changed my clothes in the car.  We hung out in Hastings for what had to be an hour and half.  We forced B to sleep in the car in the parking lot while we headed in.  I felt like a gypsy mother, herding my little gypsy children into the bookstore to hang out for hours.  We went to the children's section where G found the Thomas the Train playset and R pulled out some American Girl books.  T rummaged through all of the used video games and walked around on his own finding clearance books. 
We read book after book, played trains, searched for good bargains....for what seemed like forever.  We did buy some books and of course, G gad to have a Webkinz so I didn't feel too bad being a complete vagabond in their store.  After Hastings, we got in the car and wasted some more time....we hit up Sonic for some drinks and a bathroom, the parking lot at Tractor Supply for some people watching, parking lot at Lowe's where we though about going in but decided not to, we looked for a city park but our GPS took us through a not so friendly part of town that we figured we probably wouldn't want to play in anyway and finally B dropped us off at Schlotzky's while he took that car back to the rental place.  They brought him back to us and we hung out in Schlotzky's for the rest of the time.  After all, we didn't have a car at this point.  Luckily, we loaded our Durango up with all of our stuff so we didn't seem to be gypsies with luggage, the only clue would have been our unwashed hair and disheveled appearance.  We bought lunch...yummy soup and sammies.....and ate, played, did magic tricks....I'm sure if I would have laid a hat on the floor we could have gotten some cash.  Quite the experience.  When Dad arrived, it was like the Rescue Squad had come!  We loaded up, went to the above mentioned (crooked) car dealership service center and drove our car into the trailer and headed home....again. 
It actually turned out nice, I hadn't taken a road trip with my dad since I was about 16 so even a 4 1/2 hour drive was fun.  We made some stops, had good conversation, listened to T and endless useless facts and got home safe and sound.
Thank God for Dads!

Now, you will have to excuse me while I unpack.  I might be back sometime next week....

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