Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow to sunshine....nothing keeps these kids inside!

It is funny to think that we were just sledding down huge hills of packed snow last Monday and since we've been back in Texas it has been nothing but 80 degree weather and humidity.  The kids have been outside non stop with bare feet and minimal clothing.  They have played soccer and kickball and gotten so sweaty that I actually fear the day I take R in to get her cast removed.  We had a fabulous last Hurrah! at the bestie's house for a Spring Break finale and a St. Patty's Day celebration.  We all had on some form of green, which would have made a really great tacky fake family picture but I forgot about doing it. 
I am trying to get myself back in gear for the rest of the school year....which basically means counting down to summer.  Getting up at 5:40 this morning was not an easy thing....getting the kids up was even worse.  At least I can hook up my coffee IV drip....I don't think it would be very kosher for my kids to head to school with a coffee buzz from the strong coffee I had to brew today.  I still have 2 suitcases to unpack and I am know that I have to get this done before small group on Wednesday but ugh. 
I will go and get motivated to do something other than Pinterest, Polyvore and Words with Friends while you enjoy pics of good old fashion outside fun....I know sometimes we forget that it exists.

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