Saturday, March 10, 2012

Family Adventure Day a good way.

I have so many pictures from today, it is unreal.  We went to the Ouray Ice Park this morning, with the sun shining bright and the kids decked out in snow gear.  First we had to meet with our guide, Matt, at the San Juan Mountain Guides office..which is located downstairs at the super hip Backstreet Bistro and coffee shop.  I knew I wouldn't be climbing today, poor R is in a cast because of her broken wrist and I didn't want her to be the only one not ice climbing.  Ice climbing would usually be on the "not going to do it" list for her, but after she saw the boys climbing up, she was actually bummed that she couldn't.  The guys got hooked up with the climbing gear and we headed out to meet Matt at the Ice Park. 
We took about a 1 minute drive out of town, we arrived at the Ouray Ice Park, parked and walked up the winding road to the park. 

If you have not thought about putting ice climbing on a list of things you would like your kids to try...please just do it.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed it.  I know it has to do a lot with our guide, who was amazing with the kids (and the Hubs).  He was patient and calm and let everyone go at their own pace while pushing them as far as he thought they could go. 
G, our 5 year old, is now destined to be an ice climber.  After his third climb up (!) he mentioned that he was going to "be an ice climber and move to Ouray".  The Ice Park itself is a pretty amazing place, it's completely free and sought after by ice climbers worldwide.  Take some time and read their story and see how determined these climbers are. 
They have plenty of options for climbers from kids to advanced.  You don't have to climb to visit the park, you can park yourself on either side of the bridge and watch the climbers  in the gorge.  I was amazed by the strength and determination climbers have. 

My 3 hard heads...
Super Guide, Matt...helping G up to climb
He made it to the top!
Thanks, Matt!
T heading up!
T made it up too!
Even B gave it a try!
My little bystander and her Daddy
2nd climb for G
2nd climb of the day for T
The view....

We will all remember this ice climbing adventure forever and the boys now have supreme bragging rights....if you ever make your way to Ouray definitely check out the Ouray Ice Park and I highly recommend using the San Juan Mountain Guides, educated and experienced (and work great with kids and beginners). 
After our adventures on the ice....we stopped off at Duckett's Market for some deli meat and bread and came home and ate the best sandwiches ever.  You know how good a sandwich is while you're at the beach?  Same feeling here.  The boys ate like that sandwich was about to get up and walk away.  Stuffed but still not tired (how are they never tired?!)...they talked B into a snowball fight. 
We then made our way across the street to the Uncompaghre River Walk, a 2 mile loop of land that you can stroll on.  We chose to hang in one spot though and play, play, play.  Snowmen and snowballs.  They were in heaven.  Those moments that you look up and realize that some people get to look at this scenery everyday....just blows me away.  Spectacular mountains surround you everywhere you go in town.  B says he's ready to pack up and move.  T has other plans.....he's decided that he likes the snow but he's glad he's a Texas boy.  His hands felt like they were about to fall off after making a snowman and bombarding his dad with about 100 snowballs. 
Tomorrow, we are going to the Ouray Hot Springs Pool and the kids can not wait.  I figured that one day break from the snow wouldn't hurt.  And lazing the day away in 100 degree water doesn't sound so bad either. 

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  1. That looks like fun! I'm sure my boys would love ice climbing. Unfortunately, we don't have those options down here in Texas. :(


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