Monday, March 5, 2012

Making a list....checking it twice....

We are heading out for our big Spring Break adventure on Wednesday.....this has induced a cleaning panic in my house and a packing anxiety.  Usually, when we pack...we are headed to a much warmer climate.  Which is easy, we understand warm climates. 
We are traveling to Ouray, Colorado.  Ouray is known for it's beautiful summers and of course the hot springs.  The kids and B are excited....I am  excited mixed with a bit of trepidation.  Our daughter is now wearing a cast.....supporting a broken wrist that she got after a kid ran past her on the playground and accidentally knocked her down.  Which means....we will be packing lots of baggies and fancy duct tape to protect the cast from getting wet.  At all costs!  I have been forewarned of the smell that could eminate from a child's cast if it gets wet.  And I would like to avoid it.  Which brings me to my packing anxiety.  Extra baggies. Check.
We have Space Bags already full of the fluffy winter coats and ski pants.  Check. 
I am a notorious list maker.  We have been traveling together for quite a while now.  Most of my family lives in South Alabama, so a 12 hour road trip is nothing new to us.  So why is this 14 hour (1st leg of the trip) seeming so ominous to me?  I have a feeling my list is going to start getting longer throughout the day.  Last night, at around midnight, I crawled out of bed to scrawl a few things down before I forgot.  New memory card for camera, so it doesn't take forever to go through my gazillion pictures to upload each night for a blog update on our trip.  Coffee for the cabin....which leads to Splenda.  Agh! and cereal, can't forget that.  Goldfish!  Don't forget the DVD's!
Okay, deep breath.
I have 2 days.  I have 2 days. I have 2 days.
To calm my mind I will now let you know about the cabins we will stay in while in gorgeous Ouray, Colorado.
Elk Horn Cabins....owned by SilverStar Properties are the cutest darn log cabins you've ever seen.  Surrounded by amazing mountains and bordered with trees, I feel like Laura Ingalls.  Yes, she was on a prairie, but you know what I mean.  Luckily, for all of you.....if you would like to have your own family adventure...or even a husband and wife can get 15% off at Elk Horn Cabins by mentioning my blog when making reservations!  Yes, you are welcome.  Check out SilverStar Properties and Elk Horn Cabins in Ouray. 
We can not wait to get to this picturesque little town, known as the Switzerland of America.  The pictures in their photo gallery are a must see.  The town is small, which I love.  We are small town people.  When I saw this picture of Ouray....I knew I needed to see it.

picture credit: Mountain Photography, Jack Brauer
That little village right there, is Ouray.  How sweet is that?  Nestled among the mountains.  A drastic change from Texas.  And a much needed getaway after the hubs working straight nights, 7 days a week since January 5th.  We are really looking forward to the Hot Springs trip, which we will be sure to be creative cast cover artists.  We will also be taking a snowcat tour up in the mountains, which I am completely stoked about.  We will be documenting our entire trip step by step so you guys will know the best places to take your own family on vacation.  I will even be "checking in" on Facebook where ever we eat and letting you know how the kids liked it.  And if the grown ups will be just as happy.  Not a McDonald's in sight in Ouray....praise the Lord!  We hope to make a day trip into Telluride for the boys to snowboard and I can enjoy walking around Telluride and riding the (free!) gondola from town and up the mountain with my cast clad little girl.

Before we get to Ouray, we will be making a stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico and staying at the Inn on the Alameda.  This place looks so authentic and interesting.  A small place as well, only 71 rooms but serving an amazing (free) breakfast every morning, consisting of local foods and coffees with plenty of gluten free and organic options.  Yes, I am super pumped about this.  Inn on the Alameda is located right off of the famed Plaza and I can not wait to explore. 

The Inn on the Alameda

I can't wait to share with you guys our daily updates and pictures.  Be on the lookout for plenty of Facebook and Twitter updates and pictures too and don't forget about Pinterest.  I will have to pin all of the picturesque views!  Please let me know what you want to know most about in the cities of Ouray and Santa Fe and we will do our best to let you know.  Best places to eat for families?  Historical must-sees?  Just let me know by email, Facebook or Twitter!
Here is the injured princess....

This was leaving the orthopedist.  This lime green cast is now covered with signatures.

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