Thursday, March 8, 2012

Family Adventure Day 2 AKA Day 1 Do-Over

We have finally made it to Santa Fe after a crazy day yesterday trying to get here. 
We left our house around 4:30 a.m. and we were making great time, even stopping every 5 minutes for bathroom breaks and snackage (yes, that's a word...Pauly Shore invented it).  We were about 35 minutes outside of Kerrville, Texas when my car decided that she wasn't going to put up with our crap any longer. 
Loooong story short.....we were stuck in Kerrville for 5+ of the longest hours of my life where we found out my car would not be making the trip to Colorado with us...but hanging at the local Dodge dealership getting her oil pump fixed for 1.5 million dollars.  Plus, 2 million in labor.
Good thing about Kerrville....Paw Paw's BBQ.  Good food in a no frills place.  Ribs, BBQ stuffed baked potatoes and the like served up on a tray with a side of paper towels and BBQ sauce.  Best cobbler I've had in a while too.  Here are pics after our breakdown debacle because no one wanted to see pictures of me and my best imitation of Yosemite Sam, with stomping feet and steam coming out of my ears....on the side of I10.   
My Elmer Fudd...

The long and winding road.....

Drove out of Kerrville way past our time frame and missed out on one night at this amazing place I am lounging in now...The Inn on the Alameda.  We ended up in Roswell, New Mexico last night...yep. That Roswell.  No aliens were seen except the statues that are spread throughout the town, even KFC has an alien hanging outside.
Now, we can say we've been to Roswell.  I'm good with that. 
Just an alien hanging at KFC. 
He fell asleep while coloring....on the way to Santa Fe
We could see the snow coming down on the mountains
One of the kids took this!  Pretty good.

We arrived in Santa Fe around 3:30pm (New Mexico time) and drove through the city to find Inn on the Alameda.  This place is amazing.  Perfectly decorated and situated in a great part of the city.  Blocks from the Plaza, near art galleries, restaurants, beautiful chapels and the cutest shops ever.   This is the reason why we planned on 2 nights in this great city....we wanted to explore and take our time checking out the Plaza.  But, things happen so we are on to Colorado in the morning and leaving Santa Fe behind.  Until tomorrow morning though.....I will relish in Inn on the Alameda's wonderful ambiance... that includes having 2 rooms!  Hallelujah! Praise the Lord above.....the kids will have their own room, which means I don't get a heel to the kidneys all night by Mr. Precious 5 year old who does Tae Kwon Doe in his sleep. 
When we got here we noticed a little bit of snow flurries and since then it has just gotten more beautiful.  Sticking just enough to be pretty but not too much where we couldn't go out and enjoy it in our hoodies. I took T down to the Agoyo Room Lounge to enjoy complimentary wine and cheese hour (he had a Coke and I had olives and cheese) and then we snooped around and found the spa.  The kids have enjoyed the beds, and especially the robes that were folded so nicely on them....they might not want to leave tomorrow!  Especially after they have the breakfast.  I have heard about this breakfast and I am is a continental breakfast but this isn't your mama's continental breakfast...this is; local coffee, organic, gluten free and veggie options, fresh fruit and juices.  There is also free parking here, right outside of the rooms.  After driving through downtown Santa Fe, you find out pretty quickly that parking is an issue.  Everyone is parked along the side of the road.  So, the free parking and breakfast makes this place even better.  The adobe style buildings and now the snow sprinkled ground are extremely welcoming to a family from Texas.  The rooms are extremely spacious and accommodating with tons of space for luggage and clothing.  A big closet and nice bathrooms are a plus along with the really great toiletries.   I mean it, these are the kind of goodies that you want to be able to take home and will actually use.  Inn on the Alameda is green minded and it shows through and through with all of their local foods and eco friendly toiletries. 
The people at the front desk here are great and extremely helpful.  The concierge made a list of restaurants we might enjoy as a family and had a book of their menus for us to look at while enjoying our goodies. 
We chose Mucho Gusto, which is just around the corner from the Inn.  More on that in a minute.  Let me get to the good stuff.....more pictures!
Already comfy  on her bed....
Kid room!
What's a room with boys in it if there is no wrestling?

The fluffy robe awaits....
Checking out the snow on the patio
Catching some flakes....
Snowflake eyes

Silly boys on the patio

Check out those ceilings! They are beautiful throughout the entire property.

I guess we chose well....G left this on my bed for me.

He was starved!  Even the Ristras looked good...

On our way to the Agoyo Room

The entrance to the hotel...

Sitting area in lobby area...even has a crackling fire


Our patio...
 Be sure and check out Inn on the Alameda on Facebook and will find yourself as taken with this place as we have.  Charming and traditional, feels like a really great B&B where you have your privacy along with great amenities.
Like I mentioned before....we ate at Mucho Gusto.  This quaint little place hidden in the back of a parking lot and shopping center.  I love finding little hidden gems like this.  It seems to me that this place has a cult most great things do.  And well worth it.  Although, I can not tell you the last time we actually paid for chips and salsa.  In Texas, we all have an understanding....chips and hot sauce are a way of life.  Put the bowls on the table and come back to check them periodically for refills.  Mucho Gusto is great for families with moderately priced food, simple setting and great, authentic food.


Their famous stuffed chicken breast, "The Bomb"

Watching the Thumb Wars that the kids were having after they ate

yes, even a small amount of snow makes a kid from South East Texas happy
Sightseeing in Santa Fe...
Tomorrow morning, we are back in the car and onto our adventures in Ouray, Colorado.  Keep watching for updates!

disclaimer alert.....We recieved the rooms at the Inn on the Alameda for a discounted rate but the opinions and reviews that I write on my website, Facebook, Twitter and any other site are all my opinions.  We were not expected to give a positive review or article.  All opinions expressed are my own.  All pictures are personal pictures. 

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  1. It sounds like it was off to a rocky start but ended lovely :) Your pics are so much fun! I hope you guys have a safe and wonderful trip!


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