Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simplicity speaks volumes....

Have you ever met one of those people that feels the need to explain things in extreme detail?  Or someone who has a story for everything?
If you haven' have now.  Hi, nice to meet you.
When having a conversation with someone I sometimes tend to try to explain everything I am saying....or explain away everything I said.  I blame it on the explosive word volcano that finds it's way back to me no matter how many times I try to put it out.  I tell myself what a horrible listener I am....try not to interrupt, just simply listen.  The feeling still comes, I just have to interject, I have to relate to people.  Why the heck do I feel this utter need to relate to people?!  I am sure I could find some reasons why, some psychological need to be heard or acknowledged. 
Right here I was about to explain about how that has no grounds...I'm the baby of my family...and was constantly the "entertainer".  Yes,  I explained!!  Shoot me! 
As a writer, there ever a time where you explain too much?  Hmmm.  I don't think so.  Conversational....yes.  Written work....needed.
I do wonder....if the times I should have just listened  were moments that I really needed to hear.

On the topic of simple listening and learning to shut are some Project 365 pictures.  They display the simplicity in a child's mind.  Not simple minded....but just the plain simplicity in the way they see things.  And the things they do. 

Day 30: The Hubs picked G up at pre school the other day and they walked in the door with a bouquet of pretty little flowers.  G looked up at me with those sweet, gray eyes and said "These are for you AND Dad, Mom!"  Love that he thought of us.  And how pretty are these in a mason jar.  Itty bitty flowers and mason jars were made for each other.
Day 31:  I saw this when I got home from taking the kids to school the other morning.  It was written on our driveway, right by my car.  So, I analyzed it of course!  Over analyzed, is more like it.  Our 10 year old daughter wrote it, note Believe is misspelled, and I was thinking...does she think I don't believe in her? Do I need to start reminding her how amazing I think she is?  Don't I already do that?  Who does she want to believe in her?  Is this a cry for help?  Simma' down, Mama...
Day 32:  Then I saw this on the driveway this morning when we were walking out to the car....ah! makes sense now.  She was writing it as if God were talking to all of us. 

Simplicity.  Those moments when kids don't have the need to think deep like we do, they don't feel the need to make things about themselves, or make small issues into huge debates.  They honestly don't care about the Jones's who we all so desperately find ourselves keeping up with.  They care about who can keep them safe, who is stable, who they can go to when they need advice.  And of course, every kid wants the next iFabulous...but they ultimately keep things pretty......simple.

Try simplifying something in your life for the rest of the week.  I promise I will work on shutting my mouth and listening.

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