Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday....can we have a do-over on that whole weekend?!

Monday after the Superbowl, so I guess I should have something to say about the was on and I was in the room but really I just listened to T tell me every single play he thought was awesome while playing Pictureka! with the other kiddos while simultaneously playing Words with Friends on my Nook.  Multi tasking extraordinaire? Nah, just a mom.
I did catch some commercials and the halftime show.  I enjoyed Madonna's oldies-but-goodies songs and I loved seeing CeeLo and LMFAO but I could have done with out Madonna gyrating all over the stage.  I'm pretty sure she's old enough to be my mom.  She does look great though...minus the man arms.  I am not in love with the new all.  To each his own. 
I loved the mischievous dog in the Doritos commercial and as always, Volkswagen didn't disappoint.  But my fave part of last night was The Voice finally coming back on!  It's one of those shows we can all watch together as a family and really enjoy.  I could do without Christina Aguilara....she's more annoying than funny when she's trying to be witty and her voice, although amazing, is mostly used to wail parts of songs rather than just sing them.  Think Mariah Carey vs. Kelly Clarkson.....both have some powerful lungs but one uses them to see how high or long she can take her notes and the other uses them to belt out amazing songs that you can listen to without holding your ears on the high parts.  Do I care if you can crack a wineglass with that voice? Nope. 
I already have favorites even though the blind auditions aren't over.  How great was Tony Lucca?!  Haven't even thought about him since Mickey Mouse Club....which yes, I totally watched when I got home from school.  Loved the single dad, too.  And the raspy, rock chick that CeeLo snagged was awesome.  Can't wait for tonight and the rest of the season for all of us to root on our faves. 
Yesterday, it was just the boys and I here in the morning so I finally decided to try out the homemade donuts I've been dying to try.  I call them homemade, even though they come from canned biscuits only because I did not drive to the donut shop and get these precious commodities.   I found the recipe on Pinterest (but of course)....

They were super easy and turned out amazingly good!  I had everything ready to go, until I realized I didn't have a thing to cut the hole in the middle.  My handy dandy measuring tablespoon came in to play and made the perfect hole.  I used Grand's biscuits only because I had just 1 can of my favorite canned biscuit, Immaculate Baking Co.  I ended up using 2 cans of Grand's, even frying up the holes! 
My cinnamon mixture looked much darker than the one in the recipe but I used Sugar in the Raw for my sugar and I did use a tad more cinnamon.  She was right on with the measurements for butter and heat, and I have a gas stove so I never know if I will need to cook on a lower heat or not.  I'm telling you, these things are dangerous and scrumptious, that's the worst kind of danger.

I'm giving a few views.....just because they're worth it.  PS: this is Day 20 for Project 365

Oh, yeah....that's what I'm talking about. 

Day 21:
This was G's fortune the other day....pretty fitting, I think for a 5 year old to get this fortune. 

I truly hope everyone has an amazing week!

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