Friday, February 3, 2012

Catch up...

It's Friday.  It's February.  It's muggy and hot in Texas. 
Why every winter do I expect to all of a sudden live in a winter wonderland?  I am totally setting myself up for failure.  For the past week it has been rainy and warm, which equals humid.  While some of you lucky people up north are enjoying snow, maybe a little skiing....some hot chocolate...we are wiping the sweat off of our foreheads and wearing t shirts and shorts.  Cute.
I did get my hair cut and colored this week.  No one noticed.  It wasn't a HUGE change.  I did trim off a few inches and got the color a little richer brown than the ash brown it was before.  I can only guess that this shows just how often I wear my hair up.  Way too much.  According to my stylist, who just happens to be one of my oldest childhood friends....I need to stop pulling into a ponytail now.  I had this crazy halo of frizzy hair but the ends looked great....that would be because I do nothing to my hair to damage it....other than the Killer Ponytail.  Now, it looks like my hair only shorter, healthier, and a little bit more chestnut brown. 
I'll cut to the chase and post my 365 pictures so that I can go and bathe the over tired 5 year old that woke up at 6am...and is now the equivalent of a cat that found the stash of catnip and is about to crash.
Day 16

He was serenading me....with a rock song
Day 17

When G plays cars...they are organized in his own way....and I am only allowed to play with certain ones that are "girls"
Day 18
Okay, focus on the hair and nothing else.  I deleted every other one so this will have to do.
Day 19

While R was at school today....I left her this little note on her whiteboard :)

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