Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little things....

The past few days have been filled with the sounds of coughing, sniffing, and a hoarse voice.  R and I are both sick...she more than I.  Poor kid, she's been laying on the couch for the past 2 days with a low grade to moderate fever, sore throat and the worst cough I've heard in a while.  Nothing is working on the cough, not even Delsym.  As I write this now, she's coughing in her sleep.  She had a good 30 minutes after her ibuprofen kicked in and we were all able to enjoy some laughs.  I am just stuck with this man-voice and a cough....no biggie. 
Tonight, T and I were sitting on the couch studying his vocabulary words, History and Drama homework....and B called to tell the kids goodnight and he loved them....that one kink in the schedule causes craziness.  All moms know this feeling.  Everything is going smoothly...everyone was occupied, the TV was off, there was some progress happening.  Then the phone rings...and the kids' radars go off.  The radar that every, single kid has.  It's called the CPR...crazy phone radar.  Needless to say, our quiet little study time turned into crazy time. 
While I was on the phone with B, our youngest busted out in a rap about toenails.  Yep.  Toenails.  So, of course.....T ran and got his Flip and had G do his rap again....along with anything else he could record him doing.  The more blackmail-worthy the better.  He even gave G the Flip to record himself waling around the house.  Super cute stuff.   I was laughing so hard and I love knowing that those videos will always be around for us to look back on.  Sometimes....maybe even all the time....we get so caught up in the everyday schedules that we forget to just involve ourselves in the moments that we will forget. 
Yes, grades are important.  Yes, bedtimes are so important for the kids (and me).  But laughing and enjoying my kids is amazing. 
As I tucked them all in, I reflect on our day just in bits and pieces.  The thing that sticks out to me tonight...are all the times T told me he loved me this evening.  I pick him up from basketball practice at 4:30 in the afternoon and we have the 10 minute drive home that we usually chit chat and sometimes these chats can get a little deep, sometimes a little silly.  I know I ride him pretty hard, I expect a lot out of him.  But just tonight, my silly, pre teen who has major mood swings sometimes....told me that he loved me probably 10 times from the time we got home to the time he finally closed his mouth (and eyes).  One of the reasons he felt like busting out with an "I love you, Mom!"....I bought high pulp Simply Orange orange juice. 
The little things......they make me happy.  Especially when I'm not feeling so great and I have had a pretty stressed out weekend.   Remembering that it doesn't take much to make your kids smile or even to make yourself smile....can make a huge difference to your mood.  While G was in charge of the Flip tonight, he was in full on newscaster mode and was introducing all of us.  When it came to me, he said....And, now I will let you meet my Mom.  You might not recognize her voice but she's still our mom and she's the best ever. 
Are you kidding me?! These kids are pretty amazing.  Even my poor sickly little girl, she got up before I took T to school and of course little man had been up for a while.  I told her to go on to back to bed, we knew that school was out of the question with a fever and a cough as bad as she has but she said no...she wanted to stay up and let G stay with her while I drove T to the junior high.  How thoughtful was this?  B was already asleep for the day but here in case she needed him and it is only 10 minutes down the road.  But, it just made me so happy to know that even though she was sick and felt yucky she was putting someone else first. 
Everynight when we say our prayers, we mention that we really need God to help us put others in front of ourselves and for Him to help us become the people He created us to be.  I thank God that we are on the path...that He put us on.
Bumps, forks in the road and sometimes even major potholes.....we keep on going and I really want to appreciate the little things.

yes, that kid..right there....loves me. :)

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  1. Love the pic! Looks like my younger brother although he is 18! LOL. My day is smooth until hubby comes home, and then it is like a mad house. The house gets wrecked, the noise increases, and they just stop depending on mommy and runs around screaming with daddy. I love it.


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