Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sleepover + crafting = busy kids

This week is like the Wednesday of the month.....we're in between, people.  Next Friday the kiddos are out of school for Christmas break so I needed to get a lot done this week without them.  This is how much I've accomplished:

Zip. Nada.  Zilch.  ZERO.

Not.a.dang.thing.  I have luckily gotten a few gifts in from the lovely brown truck that makes home deliveries.  When I say a few, I really mean....literally a few, 2 presents.  I need to get some shopping done but I hate when I start focusing on that.  As a parent, it seems inevitable to zero in on shopping and wrapping and pretty much everything else under the balmy, winter sky.  I have been trying to slow down and enjoy things a little more this time around. 

Our Advent train had a bit of a makeover that has helped carve out family time.  I totally ripped the idea off of Pinterest but used the train we already had.  In each box on the train I added a folded up piece of paper that tells the kids something we can do that day. 
Drink hot chocolate with any meal today
Put the tree up and decorate while drinking homemade hot chocolate
Say a special prayer for someone today
Bake something
Watch ELF together
Open a new book and read together as a family
Buy a sibling a small gift for Christmas (I'm talking like $5 here)
Pick a movie out together and enjoy it
Bake/make something for someone else

You get the idea.....the kids have been loving it so far.  I only have a few things that involve buying something and they're things we would be buying anyway but this way it's fun and involves the kids.  We've also really been enjoying our first year with Buddy Lightning the Elf.  Yes, the big kids wanted to name him Buddy but G wanted Lightning.  Needless to say... we don't call him by his nickname Bud Light.  Classy.

Last weekend we had a sleepover for R's 10th Birthday.  Luckily, the city where we live hosted the Christmas parade last Saturday so we had an activity without even planning for it....and that didn't cost a thing.  So, after sliders for dinner, the parade with cookies and hot chocolate we came home and watched that new Good Luck Charlie movie and the girls were finally ready to get crafty.  R and I shopped for everything at Hobby Lobby and got some pretty good deals.

 Here is our party in pictures:

Burger time

I could have done without the owl that looks like a 5 year old might have created it....but the tie dye looked good and it tasted good.

Oo-la-la!  The scarf from her BFF


10 candles!!!

Eating cake in their PJ's

Our materials for ornament #1...Yarn Wreaths

Me, in my lovely ensemble of top knot and Willie Nelson t, giving instructions on how to start their ornaments.

G getting started with his "snow"....epsom salt

Cracking up over a glitter mishap

I love this

Finished product before putting the top back on...the girls went with a feather, snow and pinecone technique instead of the natural "terrarium" feel I had in mind.....


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