Monday, December 19, 2011

Raise your hand if you envision yourself and your kids living in the PB Teen catalog...

Me! Me! Me! 
My goodness, as I thumb through the any of Pottery Barn catalogs I totally put myself in them.  The gorgeous rec rooms with everything any kid could want, beautifully decorated bedrooms...with beds that are made!  The gadgets and gizmos that would keep your kids busy on any day during Christmas break, when they usually say "I'm booooored!" 
How about those picture perfect kids, decked out in festive attire and smiles on their faces...that is totally my kids! Yeah, right.  Speaking of The Wild Ones, they have confiscated my newest issue of PB Teen and circled, dog eared and crumpled it to pieces.  If you are looking for last minute ideas you still have time to order from PB Teen and get it by December 23rd! 
Here are my kid's faves to help you out with the pre teens and teens on your list:
For your niece who adores sleepovers....Puffer Sleeping Bag and Pillowcase set

For your spa-licious daughter....a classic PB Teen robe
How about an even cozier sleeping bag set?  A Sherpa sleeping bag and pillowcase set would be great for a girl or a guy!
This is one of my favorites and my daughter loved it too.....Classic Jewelry Box....covered in pebbled faux classically beautiful.
This Flip Clock is the perfect gift for the steam punk inspired teenage boy that is perpetually late.....which would be every teenage boy.

We are in love with these On the Go Speakers!

These speakers are great....hook them up to your gadget du jour and blast them!  They can be portable or you can plug them in and they produce some monster sounds.  We really enjoy these....even the Eminem songs that find themselves piping through the house.  Okay, maybe I don't enjoy those sounds but I can hear them through the house regardless if you like the music being played or not.  I dig that the ear buds are not stuck in the ears, I swear he will be deaf by the time he's 18 with the amount of time his ears are plugged up with the iPod ear buds.  The On the Go speakers are the perfect gift for any age kiddo, boy or girl, young or old.  You could even use it yourself and enjoy some Christmas tunes in the kitchen before the kids steal it back.  They are lightweight and come in the black shown above or more girl friendly colors.  Your ears may not thank you but your kids sure will. 

I am warning you....if you log onto PB Teen's site you might as well give yourself a few will be sucked in.  Make sure to check out their gift section!  Check out PB Teen on Facebook and keep up with the best deals and up to date, they have some pretty fab contests.  Don't forget to follow them on Twitter at @potterybarnteen

We loved the On the Go speakers and did receive them to review.

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