Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Friday Night Lights.....Homecoming in the South

Depending on where you live, Homecoming might or might not be a big deal.  Here, in Texas, it's a big, stinkin' deal.  I moved here when I was 6 and I immediately was in love with the idea of Homecoming.  First of all, Friday mornings in our elementary school meant that we could buy Spirit ribbons to pin on our shirts....for $1 each.  And yes, real pins.  Nowadays.....that would not happen.  I'm sure there would be a breaking news story about some kid being stabbed in the eye with some one's Spirit ribbon pin.  Back then, we were just excited to buy the ribbons, they always had fun slogans about beating the team our football team was playing.  As I got older, I wanted nothing more on Homecoming than a Homecoming mum.  Have you heard of the mum?  Of course, you've heard of the gorgeous flower......but have you heard of the ribbon clad, huge fake flower of a Homecoming mum, complete with trinkets and bells.
Last weekend was Homecoming and it was a blast as always.  I have a 7th grade son and a 4th grade daughter....our 4 year old decided he did not want to participate.  Even the boys usually jump in the tradition, the girl they take to Homecoming buys him a garter.  Which is basically a smaller version of the girl's mum but worn on the arm.  T, our 7th grader went solo this year and didn't want Mom and Dad buying his garter for him.  But he did love the mustache and hot lips photo props I created. 
So, just a little insight before the Homecoming pictures.....

My goofy child

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  1. Ahh, Homecoming... fond memories the awkward years of adolescence. I can't say I have ever had a Mum ... it's like Southern bling! Very cool ... Great pics!


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