Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday {linky open} Hiawatha's got nothing on our little Tiger Lily

Wednesday already??  That means I need to get vacuuming before small group tonight! But while I stall.......
Last night the hubs had to go to T's football game and I went to R's 4th grade Texas program.  So, even though I missed an almost interception by our football player I enjoyed the program.  Love watching these always reminds me of a movie I used to watch back in the day...about a Christmas pageant gone awry.  Kids giggling when they shouldn't be, off key singing, camera's all part of it.  R did so good....she luckily wormed herself out of her solo speaking parts because she becomes a nervous wreck so she had a few group lines and then enjoyed hamming it up with her buds. 
So, I am diggin' Native American costumes this week because she looked stunning in her get up and let's face it....that's all she cared about anyway.

My niece, protesting the length of the program

R loving the attention of her 2 grandmothers.  My mom (right) even crawled out of her bed to come, her allergies have been horrible! On the left is my step mom. :)
 I am also diggin' Monster themed Birthday ideas because I am a procrastinator, I'm sure we've covered that at some point already, and little man's Birthday is the 27th. Agh!  So, here's what I'm pinning for inspiration....and I even have the cake and moonwalk ordered so score for me!!!  In your face procrastinating gene!!!  Nevermind....Pinterest didn't seem to want to work with me this morning so you'll just have to visit me over on my boards.  The Follow button is on the right sidebar ------->


Now link up and share what you're diggin' so far this week.....

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