Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday!

It is odd to me how the weeks seem to be flying by but the days go by slowly.  I look up and it's Wednesday......this family of 5 is always busy, especially with 3 kids involved in sports and church.  Sometimes, it feels as if I am never home to enjoy the moments that we should be enjoying.  Last year, before T moved on up to Junior High, it was easy to sit on the living room floor everynight and have a little devotional time with the kids.  This year it has become something that I am yearning to do yet realize the next day that once again we didn't "have time".  How can I not "have time" to teach my children the Words they should be living their lives by?  Laziness? Maybe.  Chaos? Probably.  I know for a fact that if I would MAKE the time to have that devotional each night, that my days would go much more smoothly. 
My patience with people has been out of control lately.  I've been tired, like super tired.  That's not like me.  I can't help but think if I gave my schedule a God makeover that my heart would calm, patience would come easier and I would have energy to spare.  It is hard when we get home from wherever we have been, which is probably a football game or soccer practice, to not look at the clock and turn into Turbo Mom.  Getintheshowerbrushyourteethmakesureallyourhomeworkisdonebenicetoeachotherhurryandgetintobedsowecansayprayers. 
Have you been that parent?  What is an extra 10 minutes where I can sit with my kids and go over a chapter, a section, a the Bible?  It is more important than my bedtime deadline.  I need to get out of this funk I've created and get with the program. 
So, sorry for the vent session....I guess I can get on with What I'm Diggin' this week.  If you want to link up....and please do!....go for it.

Since I spaced out again and forgot to link up to Pin It Tuesday and because I am completely obsessed with Pinterest I am going to combine my vent session and Pinterest with what has been helping lift me up this week via my pins. Enjoy. And if you would like to follow me on can find the little tab to the right of this page.

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