Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Question Friday.....

Does it seem like this week was just as long even though it was a short school week?  I am exhausted.  I'm guessing it is the non stop running around, carpooling, cheering on, and cooking for the family.  I was also at one of the best hospitals in the world on Wednesday while my dad had his thyroid removed. My sister, step mom and I were too afraid to leave the waiting room during the surgery and recovery due to his other health issues so we sat all day.  I got home about 10 that night and B took over small group hosting.  I'm assuming he did a good job seeing as there were no broken windows or ambulances called to our house during the time that 15 7th graders were here.  I would like to say that now that the weekend is here we will enjoy sleeping in and relaxing but we are one of those families that is into soccer.....that means early Saturday mornings that will probably last all day.  Now that T is playing Division 2, his games are on Sunday.  I haven't figured out another solution to the church/soccer issue except for heading to the earliest church time and then heading out to his games.....which are mostly in hour away. 
Now, for some mind numbing 5 question Friday.....

1. What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?

Florence and the Machine......Dog Days Are Over
Love it, love her.

2. What is your favorite memory from this summer?

Definitely our "big" vacation that we take as a family.  To see the family in Alabama then on to Florida where we soak up the sun, walk on sugary sand, watch dolphins on Shell Island and eat AMAZING food at Uncle Ernie's....ahhhh.....I want to go now.  Out of all that, I'm going with our day on Shell Island as the best memory.  10 hours sitting in the bay...snorkeling, swimming, searching for amazing sea life, spending family time where the kids weren't fighting and just loving being alive.

3. Paper books or ebooks?

I heart paper books, I like the feel of them in my hand, the look of them all over my house, the smell of old books....everything.  Yet, I own a call me a trader (okay, really don't, because that would hurt my feelings) but I do read my Nook everyday and I have a library of about 70 books on the Nook.  It is super handy and I'm trying not to feel guilty everytime I see a bookstore closing....but I still do. 
I love "real" books though and will continue to buy them as well....and definitely take advantage of the public library (I mean, really.....those books smell the best).  And of course, Half Price Books....because there is no better book store.

So, now that you know I have a weird "smelling" issue....we'll move on.

4. If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why?

Only 1??  I have a small, older house.  So, there is much to be done.  How about a top 5 list?
1. 2nd bathroom.  Yes, there are 5 of us in this house....and 1 bathroom.  Pick your chin up off of the floor.
2.  Turning this weird space that was a bar in the 70's I'm sure but is now a "closet" for my husband's work clothes and baseball card collection into a walk in pantry! Oh, how I would love that.
3.  Closing our carport in and turning into a sunroom. 
4.  Making a "real" backporch that has a roof that doesn't leak.
5.  A beautiful flowerbed in the front of the house.

5. When was your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend?

Oh, lawd......I was nutty about boys from a very young age.  I remember my boyfriend in kindergarten.....sad, I know.  I had one boy who was also one of my best friends but we would be boyfriend and girlfriend throughout elementary school....I think we counted at one time we had "gone out" about 25 different times.  He was really just a BFF....but we did hold hands...and probably stole a kiss or 2. But serious a girl I thought each one was serious but I'm going to go with junior high. 
Now....go...enjoy your weekend.....and if you want to link up head over to My Little Life


  1. We have one bathroom for five people too! I also love the smell of books, ha ha! Your summer vacation sounds wonderful, I am so ready for some beach time. Too bad is almost Fall. I love that song as well!
    You are so right, this week seemed to just D-R-A-G on, I am having a hard time believing that it is actually Friday.
    I hope that you have a great weekend and can get some relaxing in :)

  2. Thanks for coming over to my blog today. I grew up with 4 people and 1 bathroom. 3 girls total and my poor dad. I've never heard of your ringtone song. I'll have to look it up :)

    april@Party of Five

  3. We had 8 people and one bathroom. After we all moved out, dad built a full bathroom downstairs. Now when we visit with 21 of us, we don't need to worry.

    I hope you are able to get some of those upgrades on your house that you want!

  4. I agree! It was a super long week! Not for sure why either! Happy weekend!


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