Friday, August 12, 2011

Junior High....does it ever NOT feel awkward?

Raise your hand if you ever felt awkward in junior high?  Yep, that's everyone. 
Yesterday, I dropped T off at the door to head into his "orientation" for a few hours and then I came back at 5 for the parent meeting.  They introduced the staff, went over rules, including the dress code...which has gotten much more strict since I was there.  We sat there and listened to the principal, who just happens to have been my science teacher back in the day. 
As a sat there, with some friends of mine behind me, listening to her talk and shush the incoming 7th graders (let's face it, they're all motor mouths)....I felt just like I did in junior I didn't want to get busted talking.  Yet, I still did....seeing her eyes land on me every once in awhile.  Same feeling of dread, same feeling awkwardness.  What is it with that junior high gym? 
My kids will be in the same school district I was in from 1st grade through 12th....luckily they are in brand new know, no aspestos and lead's the little things.  Fortunately, because of that, I didn't have too many horrible flashbacks when I walked in the gym...with it being a new school.  I can still remember that feeling of dread combined with excitement and anxiety about starting junior high.  The schedule that basically decided my friends for the rest of the year and my stupid 1st attempt at a locker.  I can still remember my combination from 8th grade (I didn't use my lock in 7th grade, scared to death I would be tardy to class trying to open my locker) 36-34-36.  7th grade was my absolute most socially awkward year....I was made fun of everything from my flat chest to my braces that I received the summer before.  I remember the fear of wearing white shorts or pants because of the urban legend that all junior high girls know of....and constantly checking with your friends to make sure that urban legend wasn't happening to you.  "Am I okay?" "Can you see anything?" Ugh. So glad I know better now. When you are a 7th grade girl, you worry about everything from if you have a booger hanging out for everyone to see (and torture you over later) to if you like a boy that one of your friends might have liked at one point in time when she was in kindergarten and now he is officially off limits. 
7th grade was also the year that I was bullied relentlessly by another girl.  On the bus, at school, in the neighborhood we grew up in.  That is something I never want other kids to go through, but I know that they will.  Bullying has reached a whole new level now....cyber bullying adds to the horror of the bullying.  Scares the crap out of me, to be quite honest, but I feel that I will have to worry much more when R gets to this age.  Boys just aren't as.....well....evil as girls when it comes to that sort of thing.  Thank goodness!!! 
So, here's to a school year where everyone can get along.  Hey, a girl can dream. 

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