Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jarritos {Review} Mexican soda? Yes, please.

How many of you have had a mexican soda?  I can say that up until a few weeks ago, I hadn't either.  Once I received my case of Jarritos, my whole family popped a top and tried one.  My 4 year old, who is a sugar-aholic, loved these!  His favorite was Fruit Punch.  My husband, a type 1 diabetic, was not supposed to try one.......but I can tell you that he loved the Grapefruit.  I tried the Mandarin and it was excellent!  Who doesn't love an orange soda??  These were a big hit with kids who heard about the review as well....and were lucky enough to get one before they were gone.  Jarritos all have excellent flavor, made with 100% natural sugar.  My kids don't get sodas unless we are out to eat somewhere, and they might have a caffeine free soft drink, but for this review I totally let them try to their heart's content. 
Jarritos has been around since 1950 in Mexico, where it is the official soft drink.  Now in the US, it has a cult following of people wanting to recreate their childhoods or just have that taste of Mexican culture.  With 11 flavors, every flavor seems to have a following of people claiming it to be the best. 
Tuti Fruti/Fruit Punch
Lemon Lime
Their actual top flavors are Mandarin and Tamarind. 
Jarritos has a lot of cool stuff going on on their Facebook page, You Tube and Twitter.  Just a little revolution called Jarritos Nation!  Everyone has the chance to be seen and heard and let the world know what flavor they are.  Also, great prizes, scavenger hunts and events all over the US.  I love how much fun Jarritos is as a company and how they want to connect with their customers. 
You might pass Jarritos up in the store if you had never tried a Mexican soda but just try one.  They are so flavorful, refreshing and a great treat for the end of summer.  There's also Club Jarritos, where you can enter points that you find on the bottle tops and win amazing stuff!  Including up to $100,000.00! 

And if you are wondering what the ingredients are for Jarritos Mexican sodas take a look (this is specifically for the Mandarin flavor):
Carbonated water
Real sugar!
Citric acid
Natural flavor
Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative)
Yellow 6
Red 40
I know for a fact, that most soft drinks have high fructose corn syrup....Jarritos does NOT!  Score 1 for Jarritos!
So....I leave you with this.....try something you haven't before.  Jarritos were really great and now that I know more info on them and know how great they are, I might keep some on hand for a nice treat that doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup and is made with real sugar!
Quick...use the store locator and find one near you!
Just a quick tip: have a bottle opener at the ready!  I felt like such a badass popping the tops.

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