Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i Heart Faces Photo Challenge {Eyes}

This week's challenge on i heart faces is....eyes.  Eyes can tell you a lot about a person can't they?  The wrinkles around some one's eyes might be a sign of all the laughter they've been fortunate enough to have in their life.  The brightness in some one's eyes might show you how content they are with their life.  I just happen to have three kids with beautiful eyes!  (Doesn't every mother feel that way?)  My oldest son has dark brown eyes and amazingly long eyelashes.  My daughter, has brown eyes as well, but they are so different, they remind me of the color of a muddy river, movement everywhere.  My youngest son was born with the blue eyes in the batch.  I have green eyes and my husband has the same color eyes as my daughter so it's not a surprise to me all the colors in our family.  Mr. Blue Eyes has eyes that reminds me of my my dad's, they change from bluish green to gray at any moments time. 
All of the kids have amazing eyes, the color is great but their expressions are priceless.  I can tell their emotions in one glance from their eyes. 
The picture I chose for the entry is of my 4 year old son, while we were on vacation and at my grandfather's house.  He was being extra goofy and jumping in front of the camera non stop.  His eyes in this picture are pure gray, and remind me so much of my dad, given his mood at the time, I now see why.  I had another really great picture of him looking up into the sunshine, his eyes blue green and sparkling, but that just seemed way too serene to  represent him lately. 



  1. loved what I saw when I clicked on the pic - bigger is better, his eye color is gorgeous!

  2. Ha! What a face! Boys always make the best expressions. Gotta say... I love those curls, too! :)

  3. I agree the expression makes the picture more special!


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