Friday, August 5, 2011's the weekend

It is Friday and I can tell you that it doesn't really feel like it.  This weather has me in the dumps.  I know I live in Texas.  I know that it is supposed to be hot.  This knowledge does not help me from feeling like I will wilt and die in my driveway.  This is not dry heat, this is not normal heat.  This is straight out of Texas-melt your face off-pit out your shirts heat.'s pretty dang hot. 
I had good intentions and even had a solid as Jello plan to go to a waterpark tomorrow.  I have since talked myself out of it (no, I didn't have to work too hard).  I decided that even if water was directly in front of me that the evil sun would be too much to bear and that my children might have the irrevocable damage of seeing their mother have a heat stroke...and in a bathing front of strangers.  Staying put is a better plan.  And since everyone arond here has the grumpies I think I will make plans to go school shopping. 
I used to LOVE when it was Back to School time, not because of the actual "school" part but because I got a brand new wardrobe and school supplies which back then we got to label everything with our names, not like now where it pretty much goes in a stockpile.  I loved writing my name over and over on my school supplies in my huge, loopy handwriting.  My favorite back to school item ever was the pencils my mom would order, personalized from Lillian Vernon. 
So, I will find solace in the A/C of the mall and Target this weekend.  But until are some super cute pics of G before his first soccer practice this week.  And by the way....that dirt factory...used to be my front yard with nice, green grass.  Thank you drought.

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