Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holla!!! What I'm Diggin' Wednesday....is back!

I was a total slacker on vacation....didn't post once and I definitely didn't host What I'm Diggin' Wednesday.  I know, some of you over achievers write post days in advance and post even while on vacation.... well, I have never claimed to be an over achiever.  I figured that today I would get What I'm Diggin' Wednesday back to hoppin'.  I have eliminated the Q&A portion of the hop because....well.....I just got tired of coming up with the questions and it really wasn't making a big difference in who joined in on the fun.  So, this hop is even more simple!
These blog hop rules are simple:
1. You wanna' share what you've been diggin' this week?  Go ahead! Whether that's a new recipe you found that your whole family (finally) loves, what book you're reading right now, the movie that you saw this week or a product you can't live without.....let us know! 
2. Leave your link and if you feel in the sharing spirit.....snag a hop button and let the world know about this little corner of Blog Land.
3. If you're new here....leave me a comment and I will be happy to return the love.

This week.....although it has just started....went from blah to *HappyDance* fast.  This is the reason:

That beautiful little girl is my brand spankin' new niece, Bailey.  Isn't she the cutest?  7 lbs. 2 oz of pure innocence.  My step brother and his girlfriend had this sweet baby this morning and you can bet that she will soon be spoiled rotten by us all.  My feeling of blah went out the window when I saw this little girl.  There is no doubt in my mind that God knows exactly what he is doing with newborns.  Perfection swaddled in a blanket.

I'm such the proud aunt *swoon*

Could you not just kiss these feet?!

The proud papa with his little girl
Was that enough bragging?   I am probably far from done but I'll move on to what else I'm diggin' this week.

What I'm reading:

Some people never read about the things that make them angry, I do.  I research and read the heck out of it, so that someday, I just might be able to change what I find wrong with the world.

Just started this today because I read the Message Bible and love it, so far this seems perfect for me for daily devotion time

Found this at Hastings....USED, my favorite kind of book.
What I'm listening to this week:

60's, 70's and 80's Hits on Pandora.  The best.  Especially the Motown hits.  I can not get enough of them.

Random weekly obsession:

My crockpot

And now it's time for you to link up!!!!

Sorry I couldn't resist....one more.

Now it's time to link up and don't forget to spread the word so the hop will grow.


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