Monday, August 1, 2011

Good morning, good morning! (insert happy morning song)

Today is the beginning of Youth Week at our former church.  T has been going to both youth groups, the one at our former church and the one at our new church home.  In my opinion, that doesn't hurt a thing, the more church and fellowship time with Christian kids, the better. 
Since we've been home from vacation it feels as though I have been on the road with T taking him places or picking him up.  I guess this is the age it starts, 7th grade.  They are old enough finally for the youth activities at church and old enough to have a tad bit more freedom.  Wednesday nights is the night at our church where the kids get together and have music, fellowship and a great lesson with wonderful speakers.  A few parents and myself have been taking the kiddos, we have a boy car and a girl car, because there are so many kiddos in their group.  This has been beneficial to me.....our church is 25 minutes from home, so I do not go home while the kids are in church for an hour......I go have coffee!  There is never a wrong time for coffee with friends.  Last week, my friend Paula and I enjoyed the newest coffee place in town...and had an amazingly delicious and sinful as heck brownie called the No-No Square.  I am so looking forward to another one of those.  And after we pick the kids up from church we head to Cherry Berry and get some fro-yo complete with yummy toppings, which is where we sit away from the kids while they try to be cool. 
So, today I have volunteered to pick up a group of crazy kids and take them to Youth Week where they will do all kinds of fun stuff for the week while learning how important it is to serve.  It will be loud and crowded but it so worth it.  I am happy to be able to be with the kids as they enjoy their time with each other and sharing the love of Christ along the way. 
On another note.......

I heart Shark Week.  When I was a kid and I had high expectations for myself, I wanted to be a marine biologist.  Really, I just wanted to be a Sea World beluga whale trainer....but I knew I had to have some sort of a degree first.  I am amazed by sharks and how huge and beautiful they are......and yes, how absolutely scary. Are you a Shark Week devotee too? 

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  1. I am so happy about shark week this year!! andy samberg is amazing!! I wish I saw him in it more though.


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