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Wild Dill Review {Autonomie Project Organic Sneakers}

In this house we happen to be a tad bit obsessed with shoes.  I have basket by the side door hoping to catch every one's freshly kicked off sneaks...but seems to always be overflowing.  We have everything from TOMS (love, love, love), Riders, Old Navy $5 flip flops, Adidas shell toes and Converse in a rainbow of colors.  Which is why when I visited Wild Dill's website I immediately noticed these so-cute shoes.  In the South, we refer to every kind of "sneaker" as a tennishoe...that's right, you say it together just like that.  So, it feels awkward referring to things as sneakers....yet, that is their name. 
My youngest is a total dress up kid.  He walks around in 3 piece suits, Peter Pan costumes, and now we are really into being Bam Bam.  So, of course his daddy made him a Bam Bam costume yesterday along with a club, which was a twine wrapped plastic baseball bat. 

When the package arrived the other day with these shoes inside, G was more than thrilled.  His favorite color is green and even though I wanted the orange I knew he would like the green so much more. 
Immediately you can tell how well made the Autonomie Project Organic Sneakers are.  They are very Converse-esque but I love that they are organic and also fair trade.  All the dyes used are PCP and AZO free....which is not always easy to find.  The soles are even made from natural sustainably harvested rubber!  Looking for 100% vegan and cruelty free?  Look no further.  They are made by the UK company Ethletic.  They come in a variety of saturated colors: Mandarin orange, black, olive green, navy blue, pink, and cranberry red.  Plus, they are machine washable!  If you love Converse but are looking for a more Eco friendly option then Ethletic shoes for Autonomie Project is what you need.  Wild Dill is a great site because they offer things just like this....simplicity with a green twist.  This takes the whole "it might be Earth friendly but is it comfortable" question out of the equation.  G has worn these shoes without a complaint and they fit perfectly.  Mr. Fashionable would not wear something if it didn't feel good...he doesn't subscribe to the belief that beauty hurts. 
So, just to make it clear in case you're still not sold:
100% Fair trade and sweatshop free!  (all the way down the supply chain)
100% Eco friendly ....did I mention the certified cotton and sustainably harvested rubber?
100% Vegan and cruelty free

Wild Dill has much more than shoes though.  They offer an array of products for each kid in your family.   Everything to cover their top and bottom and to keep them busy in imaginative ways.  I love how everything they have seems to have that sweet but funky feel to it. 

Green Toys Sand Play Set
For Beach Bums like us this is PERFECT!

Imagination Box Cottage
Love the Imagination Cottage would provide hours of fun for any age!
 With summer coming quickly I know I am looking for more items to keep the kids occupied...with a 12,9 and 4 year old it has to be a really cool thing to keep their attention and focus. 

Clementine Art Natural Soy Crayon Rocks
Clementine Art makes these amazingly cute natural soy Crayon Rocks

Global Green Pals Organic Chet Doll
This cute little guy is Chet, from the Global Green Pals
Bamboo Baby Dress
The clothes are beautifully made and sweet for boys and girls. 

Babysoy Short Sleeve Puff Tee
So sweet
Don't forget the boys....
Bacche Rhino Organic Gray Tee

biome5 Organic Letter Tees A, B, C, D, E
Upside down letters!  Ingenious way for kids to learn their sight words!  Of course, this could totally be unisex.
 I couldn't resist one more sweet as can be little girl dress

Speesees Organic Blossom Tie Dress

They have a ton of cute stuffed animals that are not your typical teddy bears.  Stuffed with 100% unbleached and unprocessed cotton you will feel completely at ease letting your little one snuggle with these.  Aminals are organic stuffed animals inspired by children's drawings and are made using fair trade practices and are even fully compost (able) that you don't hear of very often.

Aminals Organic Dinasor

Wild Dill has some excellent sale items and plenty of gifts for the person you are looking for.  From the future environmentalist to the future bug lover.  The offer 15% off your next order when you sign up for their newsletter and the have a wish list or baby registry available.  Free shipping for orders over $65!  Find them on Facebook too...keep up to date with the specials and promotions! 

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