Monday, May 9, 2011

Because every day is Kid's Day!

Ahhh, Mother's Day.....a time for sappy Hallmark cards dripping with sentiment, or if you have kids like mine....the cards with the crazy bunnies that scream at you as you open the card.  It is the time for roses, Bath and Body Works and tons of little hand prints waving at you from construction paper.  It's scribbled notes to you from your husband that he wrote in the car in the parking lot at Walgreen's.  It's gift certificates galore and hopefully....hopefully a little time to do something you want.  Or at least a gift certificate to do it another day.  Mother's Day is a breakfast in bed of lopsided pancakes made especially for your husband and a day promised to be all about you. 

There is no fighting on Mother's Day between siblings.  No squabbles or wrestling matches.  No food fights......or fist fights. 
Yeah right!!
The kids don't really understand Mother's Day....if you're lucky they made you a present at school so they at least have that before your husband runs out Saturday and hastily starts buying stuff for you....and probably spending too much money.  I remember when I was little asking my mom on Mother's Day why we had to celebrate Mother's Day, when was a Kid Day??  Her answer is something I'm sure you have either heard or said yourself in one of those "turning into your mother" moments.
" Every day is Kid's Day!!"
As I kid I balked at this---what do you mean every day is Kid's Day?  I'm mistreated all day long.  I have to clean my room, unload the dishwasher, go to SCHOOL, deal with bullies, deal with BOYS, do my homework and still can't watch what I want on TV. 
My mom laughed at me....understandably.  That would be because she is a mom and moms know that kids, while they have it tough,  are not living a little orphan Annie life compared to their moms. 
My oldest asked me on Mother's Day....because what is a day if T has not made his opinion clear, When is Kid's Day?  And of course, he was given the same answer I was given probably 25 years ago.....Every day is Kid's Day!  So for every mother that has given her kid THE list:
  • Chauffeur
  • Chef
  • Housekeeper
  • Referee
  • House Manager
  • Nurse
  • Window Washer
  • Lawn care professional (okay, I've never gone there...but I'm sure a lot of you have)
  • Professional Organizer
  • Laundry Extraordinaire
  • Pet Specialist
  • Mind Reader
  • Dishwasher
  • Hairdresser
  • Coach
  • Party Planner
  • Therapist
Happy Mother's Day to you are appreciated.  I know how hard you work.  I don't care of you stay home or if you work outside of the home...the amount of work and love we put out for our families is deserving of a holiday. 

My kids and hubs hit it right on the head this year.  A family day on Saturday of bowling and dinner out.  Sunday I woke up to breakfast and coffee made, cards and presents on the table and then church, with roses greeting me at my seat, we finished it off with lunch with our moms.  The rest of Sunday I did nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero, absolutely not a thing.  I played on my Nook, read a magazine, watched TV and lounged like no tomorrow.  After the kiddos went to bed, B sat happily with me on the couch and watched Brothers and Sisters while I cried like a  31 year old baby with hormonal issues. 

Celebrating Mother's Day makes me super appreciative of my own mom as well.....she is one heck of a woman.  Growing up with her as a mom was like having Donna Reed in color...and with 80's hair and shoulder pads. 

My gorgeous mom  1981

The sweet kid who made me a mom ~ I turned 18 two weeks before this day, he had just turned 21

The 3 reasons why I am able to celebrate Mother's Day
 Here's to hoping that your Mother's Day was as beautiful as the kids that call you "Mom". 


  1. Thanks for stopping by Emma's Lunch. I'm already a follower, thanks for returning the favor.

    Happy Belated Mother's Day!

  2. Lovely photographs and reasons indeed why we celebrate Mother's Day. We mums are women of many talents and masters of all, lol.

    CJ xx

  3. Hello! Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday!! I'm your newest follower and I hope that you'll follow back!


  4. Love this post! I saw my own thoughts in so much of it! My day too was filled with wild kids, sib,ling fighting , etc but I wouldn't tarde my wild girls for anything & taht's what being a MOm (at least in my house) is all about!

    I did get the sweet gifts made at preschool - a plus!

    New follower - loving that I found such a great blog via hop!


  5. What a great post.

    Found you through Bloggy Moms.


  6. these pics. I love the "fresh" baby pics!! Gets me every time. Sigh.

    Following along from today's bloghop.

    Fellow "trying to stay sane" mama

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  8. what a great post! I am following you back. I asked my mom the same question when I was little.... I really didn't understand why there wasn't a kid's day either!

  9. Sounds like you are a wonderful mom and wouldn't trade it for a minute!

    Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train - hope to see you there again real soon!


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