Friday, May 13, 2011

What I'm Diggin' Wednesday

This Wednesday will be a hard one for my family.  My uncle is undergoing a surgery today and I know that we are all very concerned.  A LOT of prayers have been headed upstairs. 

That is the #1 thing I am digging:
I do not believe in coincidences....I believe in the power of prayer and the mysterious way God works.

Bright necklaces...that are eco friendly.  The perfect accessory for summer lovin'.

Made with recycled paper this is the coolest necklace.  It can be wrapped and worn many different ways.  I actually had one of these and adored it...until it broke in a impromptu wrestling match in a moonwalk...don't ask.

Roseate Acai Seed FairTrade Necklace
Fair Trade and bright. Love.

Sherine Necklace
This gorgeous piece is made with felt by-product from a toy workshop! Love it!
You can find all of these necklaces at World of Green....they have a fabulous selection of anything a green goddess could ever need to accessorize.

Army Wives

I love this show.  It is real and total chick flick friendly....I have to have a tissue ready everytime I watch. 

Smart and funny women!

One of my faves...Amy Poehler
 Parks and Recreation is such a smart comdey and Amy Poehler rocks.

Kristin Wiig...Hilarious and brilliant.  She co wrote and is starring in the upcoming comedy Bridesmaids.

Can NOT wait to see this.
Panama City Beach web cams

We are headed to south Alabama in July to visit my family.  During that time we will head down to the great PCB because it's only an hour and half from my grandfather's house.  I have been homesick like crazy but since my grandfather doesn't have a live web cam...thank goodness.....I've been creeping on the people of Panama City Beach. 
Check out how gorgeous..this is last summer.

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