Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Digging Wednesdays....

 I am starting something new this week! Each Wednesday I will post a "What I'm Digging Wednesdays" post. Just a list of things I'm really feeling that week....feel free to join and do it on your own blog as well. I have seen many different regular Wednesday posts, and lots of Wordless Wednesdays but I have to face the facts....I am rarely "wordless" so here's my version.

• Just a tad obsessed with the new cd by Adele, 21 .....take a listen to my fave

I truly love all of the songs on the cd; I have no problem listening to it repeatedly in my car. This particular song, To Make You Feel My Love, is special. We played the original at our wedding, almost 13 years ago. Love this.

• That Parenthood finally came back on last night!

• The DE-lish apple Dump cake I made last night....that is in no way or form natural or good for you.....

• The fact that we have chance at rain.....perfect movie snuggling weather.

• Funyuns

• Ibuprofen

• Hard salami+cheese+Wheat Thins=yum

• The first cup of coffee in the morning

• Frito Pies!

• Aveeno Exfoliating Facial Scrub

• EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint

• Organic apples

• That my son will finally be at his soccer game this Saturday and not at camp or anywhere else

• Looking at old pictures

• Homemade Sourdough bread from my friend Chris....YUM!

• Zulily "window" finding good deals and love even more having the willpower not to take advantage of EACH one I see.

Griff is making the "heart" symbol to me with his little fingers this morning at breakfast

• Enjoyed playing Super Hero Squad with G this morning...and of course I had to be all the bad guys. Let your inner child shine!

• The new Kristin Hannah book

• My new blog design

• The fact that today at 4:30pm I will be sitting in my car with zero interruptions while I sit at Rhys' horse lessons and the boys are home with B. My NOOK will be so happy.

• That we are 2 days away from the weekend. Happy Hump Day!

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