Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Journey with EnviroGLAS....the beginning

I don't know what it is about Spring that makes all of us want to freshen up our homes.  The breezy weather, the sunshine, the flowers starting to bloom...whatever it is, I have caught the bug. 
We have made some small updates that have made big differences in the house.  We finally got rid of those horrible mini blinds in 2 rooms in the house.  We went with faux wood blinds and I love them!  We have our gorgeous FLOR rug in the kitchen as well, and it was a super quick fix.  We got a new couch this past Christmas that I am extremely happy with and today I am getting my new dining table....finally. 
We started out very young together and it is so nice to be creating our home with things we have picked out ourselves instead of the hand me downs that we have had in the past.  My kitchen is small but is the hub of our home.  We have painted, added wainscoting, and changed out the hardware on the cabinets.  The next move is counter tops. 
I looked at tons of options but knew that I wanted to really go for something Eco friendly.  I ran across a few companies that offered options from recycled glass to recycled paper counter tops.  I found EnviroGLAS and fell in love with their ideas and the colors.  Imagine granite but actually good for the Earth instead of taking it FROM the Earth.  There are so many colors to choose from, it's actually a fun process.  Choosing EnviroGLAS, you are voting for a green company to succeed, which helps everyone. 
I am working with EnviroGLAS to create the perfect counter tops for my kitchen. Because I am picking out counter tops, we will be using EnviroSLAB.  They also have EnviroPLANK (for flooring and shower walls) and EnviroSCAPE (for mulching in landscape design). We are in the first steps of the process now, picking the colors of the glass and porcelain terrazzo that I think will go with my design ideas.  This is not an easy chore.  So far, I am stuck on about 10 different colors/designs.  After I finally narrow it down, I will be sent samples of the ones I have chosen.  This is a really important step because computer screens and printers just don't do justice for the amazing colors.  Take a look at their Project Gallery and it's easy to see why EnviroGLAS is being used in all kinds of places. 
EnviroGLAS is made from 100% recycled glass and porcelain terrazzo and can be used in all different ways; flooring, counter tops, shower walls, and even beautiful pieces of art.  The key to EnviroGLAS is their commitment to the environment.  They are here in Texas which called out to me, of course.  Another great part of EnviroGLAS is their choices!  You go through a whole process of choosing your design.  There is a sample gallery that gives so many beautiful options you might need the other option, customizing your design.  There are 3 factors to formulating your design:
  1. EnviroRESIN color
  2. EnvrioSCAPE aggregate color and size mix
  3. Finish
You are totally in control of what you end up putting in your home!  Why not choose something that is Eco friendly and beautiful at the same time?  I am very excited about this whole process.  EnviroGLAS has been an amazing company to work with so far.  I can not wait to see where the process takes us next and what the end results will look like. 



  1. Wow, show us your end result. The pictures you have of it looks beautiful.

  2. I need to check it out. The samples are beautiful. We don't have a huge amount of counter space and I really want to get an apron sink.... You're right, spring totally makes you want to re-fresh everything!!! I'm jealous that you have wainscoting. I wanna see kitchen pics!!!


  3. Hi, I am a new follower joining you from the blog hopp. I like your blog and will be back soon to read more. Hope you come visit me too. Have a great week-end :)

  4. @Melia....the wainscoting would look much better if Bryan ever felt like putting the trim on it....and after I remove the baker's rack/pile everything that doesn't fit in the cabinets I will post a picture of the kitchen. :) I do love my turquoise walls though. If only you could see them behind that rack.


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