Saturday, March 26, 2011

The EnviroGLAS samples are in!

Well....the samples just arrived yesterday afternoon.  6 samples are sitting on my dining table now.  I have taken each sample and held it up against the cabinets, I've held them up to light, to the blinds, and looked at each piece of glass in each sample.  They are all really beautiful and you can see the amount of work that went into each piece. 
After all of that, I still have no clue to which one I really want for a counter top!  I like the resin color of one and the glass of another, which with EnviroGLAS is a definite option.  I realized after I got the samples that I picked samples with the only colors of blue, green and white....I really thought I would've been more creative with the choices but I wrote down each sample number and then sent that to the company.  I wonder now if I should have gotten out of my blue and green box and tried something with a hint of amber, which is what my husband wanted.  This is big though, once it's done-it's done!  I do not like the color of my cabinets, they remind me of the 80's .  I also don't like the thought of sanding and painting them.....which is why I was against the whole amber color that I think would tie in the cabinets and the counters instead of standing out from the cabinets. 
This is part of the process!  So, now I have to really use my decision making skills....did I mention I don't have any of those.  This is to be continued......
Please feel free to give your opinions on the samples. :)  I wish I could capture the colors in a picture but you just can't. 

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