Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TV Talk

So I'm on this Top Model kick on my DVR. I actually feel guilty about watching it sometimes with all the back and forth bickering and backstabbing. I am very big on making my children know that it is not what's on the outside that counts (aren't we all) so is that why when I was watching America's Next Top Model and my daughter walked in I changed the channel? Probably.
Another TV gossip kick I'm on is Jon and Kate plus 8. Oh my...you've seen the headlines and heard the statements I'm sure just as I have. Kate will be on Rachael Ray today and you can bet I've got it scheduled on the DVR. I know she'll say the same 'ol same 'ol about how 'we're dealing with it privately' (yet here I am promoting my book on national TV and showing you a statement my husband said because he refuses to be seen on TV right now). I honestly really liked him before all the rumors. I liked that he was the chill one compared to OCD diligence that made me feel like I was doing a crappy job as a mother. I mean, really....she has 8 kids yet makes every meal from scratch everyday. Who has that tenacity?! I guess she does. More power to her though. I'm sure she's made enough money off of tours and books and the show now that she can hire her own natural chef to do all the from-scratch-cooking for that household. She'll definitely need all the help she can get now that her husband's hanging out with a 23 year old teacher at 2am with...but hey, he's not cheating, just has poor judgement. Right?!
Grey's is always fun to follow. I am an avid Grey's and Private Practice follower. I really am stumped as to whether they're killing off Izzy or not. I've heard both sides flying around and I'm leaning towards death but one of my friends made the point that in the preview it mentioned her maybe losing her memory because of treatment...and that would be a whole new storyline. And we all know that's why Katherine Heigl was planning on leaving anyway, not enough screen time. And how about the drama on Private Practice?! That chick with the bob really creeps me out!! I am very sad that it left it like that but am really looking forward to the premiere now.
So...sorry for all the TV talk, that's just what was on my mind today.
Hopefully.....I'll find some TV to keep me going over the summer. I think True Blood starts in June and Tori and Dean starts at the end of this month. Judge me if you must.....

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