Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TV hangover

Okay so it is officially the end of all good shows on TV. All the finales of my shows are over and I'm sad. Hopefully there will be some summer shows to keep us TV junkies occupied. Grey's....I was so bummed but I saw it coming since Katherine Heigl went on the I'm better than TV binge and T.R. Knight hasn't had a good storyline this season. I cried though, I did. Watched the finales of Two and a Half Men and Rules of Engagement last night...hilarious! I love David Spade, even though he recreates the same character for every show he's in I still love him. Hey, he knows what he's good at! I'm ready for True Blood to start next month! That's a good show.

Summer is upon us definitely and I'm ready. I say that now but I know that next month I'll be crying for mercy with all the kids home. I need to find some stuff to do to keep them entertained. I'll also be watching my best friend's daughter which should be an adjustment for the kiddos. I need some definite ideas though!

Tyler did awesome on his TAKS tests! Commended performance on all three....now I owe him 50 bucks since I said I would if he did that on all three. The end of the year is always busy and with all of the awards and field days and end of the year parties I'm sure I'll be going crazy to get to all of it.

I'm off to put up laundry now...what a glam life I lead!

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