Sunday, May 10, 2009

Intro to me....

So....I've barely blogged before, just a few quips on Myspace. Those of you who don't know me, my name is Liz and I live in a very small town in southeast Texas. By very small I don't mean 20,000 people...I'm talking a minuscule 5,000 more or less. I really do love it though no matter how much I sometimes wish we lived where there was more going on. My husband loves it here, he literally calls it "God's Country" and let's face it the old saying 'if momma ain't happy' really works with husbands better. At least in my house it does.

My husband, Bryan is what you would call a good 'ol boy, he grew up in the country, he made trouble as a teenager as most teenage boys do and he loves his family dearly. We will be married 11 years this July! It really amazes me sometimes to think that it's been that long. We've really had an adventurous decade. We have 3 kiddos.

Our oldest, Tyler is 10. He is really a great kid. His mind is always racing on to the next thing and is always up for entertaining people, even if that means he might get in trouble sometimes. He says the most random things sometimes but they are usually pretty funny.

Rhys is our middle one. She's something else! 7 years old going on 30. She definitely keeps us on our toes with her temper and mood swings. She is also the most loving thing though. She is into horses although taking care of hers is still not second nature. She doesn't like to do all the work but she wants to ride.

Griffin is our baby. He is 2 1/2 years old and is an all out cowboy. He loves to ride horses, tractors and pretty much anything else he could get hurt if he fell off of. He is what you call "all boy"! He really keeps me busy running around here.

My Mother's Day turned out really great! We had my mom and moth sets of in laws over. Both of our parents are divorced so the kids have 4 sets of grandparents which can be great but can also be very hard to keep up with and be equal with on holidays.

We spent the entire day outside. I bought the kids a $5 slip and slide from Wal Mart and it was a definite hit. It's kinda nice to see something cheap be worth it these days. Mom and Bryan even got in on the slip and slide action! Although Mom did go home nursing a wicked headache and I wouldn't doubt it if she had a concussion. She had never tried the slip and slide and picked yesterday to do it. She put her feet on first which you all know is a cardinal sin in slip and sliding. Mom flipped backwards and hit her head on the ground. Lucky for my kids they have such a wild, active grandmother. They didn't find it the tiniest bit strange seeing her do this. It's very fitting that her "grandmother" name is Boogie, don't you think?

So anyway...I'm hoping this blog will be a nice outlet for me and hopefully will make a few of you laugh along the way because Lord knows our family is that crazy!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

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